Visiting Professor Week: Overview of Dr. Virginia Ungar, MD



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Dominique Scarfone, MD

Dominique Scarfone, MD is our 2015 Visiting Professor


November 10th through November 16th, 2014

Virginia Ungar, MD, is a training and supervising analyst at the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association.  She has lectured throughout South America and the United States and published papers (mostly in Spanish) on a broad set of topics including the place of infant observation and child psychoanalysis in psychoanalytic theory as a whole and its importance in adult psychoanalytic training; working with severely disturbed patients; the contributions of Bion and Meltzer to understanding trauma; a container/contained approach in the supervisory process, and the aesthetic model of Donald Meltzer, with whom she worked closely in supervision.  Although her training emphasized Klein’s work, she notes that her mind has expanded in the last decade.  Dr. Ungar says, "I read Winnicott, Aulagnier, Green, the Botellas. And of course my practice has changed.  I’m still interested in these authors, but I try to be myself and think, supported by my internal dialogue with my teachers."

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