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Dominique Scarfone, MD

Dominique Scarfone, MD is our 2015 Visiting Professor



Every November, The Visiting Professor Program invites a distinguished psychoanalytic clinician to teach, consult and visit with members of the San Francisco psychoanalytic community.  Each year, the Selection Sub-Committee chooses the future Visiting Professor(s) from among a group of psychoanalysts nominated by SFCP members.  All candidates have made significant contributions to the way we practice and theorize our work.  

Feedback to the Committee
We welcome suggestions regarding the form and content of our programs and regarding future candidates for the program.   We are also glad to hear from you if you are interested in participating on one of our sub-committees. You can make suggestions to the committee by clicking here.  Or you can send an email to Eric Glassgold, the program chair, c/o Laura Ingram, the Education Coordinator.

If you wish to recommend a candidate for Visiting Professor, please look at the criteria for selecting candidates. [Link to criteria page here.] Include the candidate’s, name, country of origin, a bibliography with at least four published papers, and a paragraph describing the ways you have become acquainted with the candidate’s work and the reasons you believe this person would be a helpful teacher for our members, trainees and members of the San Francisco psychoanalytic community.

Committee Schedule:
From January through May each year, the Visiting Professor Selection Sub-Committee reviews potential candidates and chooses the next year's Visiting Professor.  (Suggestions are welcome throughout the year; Those that come in after February will be placed on the list for a future academic year.)  From April through November, The Visiting Professor Program sub-committee organizes the Visiting Professor program week's events. 

For the Visiting Professor Committee roster, please click here:




Co-Chairs: Eric Glassgold, MD, and Laurie Goldsmith, PhD

Selection Subcommittee:

Faculty Members:
Mary Brady, PhD
Peter Goldberg, PhD
Israel Katz, MD
Catherine Mallouh, MD
Patricia Marra, MFT
Sarah Stadler, MD

Candidate Member:


Program Subcommittee:

Community Outreach:
Event/Hospitality Coordinator:
Membership Coordinator (Staff):
Palo Alto Program:
Day With:
Postgraduate Committee:
Kevin Hibbitt, MFT
Lynda Connelly
Jana Kahn, PhD
Catherine Mallouh, MD


Liaisons to the Program Subcommittee:

Candidates Colloquia:
Curriculum Committee:
Psychotherapy Training Programs:
Scientific Meeting Program:
Mary Genevieve Dvorak, PsyD and
Gregory Villalba, LCSW
Laurie Case, PhD
Laura Coleman, MFT (Palo Alto program)
Jacqueline De Lon, MFT (SF program)
Julie Ruskin, PhD


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