Giuseppe Civitarese has written countless articles, many of which are published in English in the International Journal and Psychoanalytic Quarterly,  and several books.  His books translated into English include:
  • The Intimate Room:  Theory and Technique of the Analytic Field (2010). Routledge: London.
  • The Violence of Emotions:  Bion and Post-Bionian Psychoanalysis  (2012). Routledge: London.
  • The Necessary Dream:  New Theories and Techniques of Interpretation in Psychoanalysis (2014).  London:  Karnac.
  • Losing your Head. Abjection, Analytic Conflict and Psychoanalytic Criticism (2015). London: Roman & Littlefield.
  • The Analytic Field and Its Transformations (with Antonino Ferro) (2015).  London:  Karnac.
  • Truth and the Unconscious in Psychoanalysis (2016). London: Routledge.


For further reading on Giuseppe Civitarese:

Farber, D. (2014). A memoir of the future of contemporary psychoanalysis — The gentle jouissance of Giuseppe Civitarese .  fort da, Spring 2014.