Gary Grossman, Ph.D. gave the following presentations in Japan:

Developmental Considerations in Psychotherapy with HIV-Positive Gay Men: Psychoanalytic Perspectives. November 17th,Kyoto; November 22nd, Tokyo. Invited seminars for Clinical Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals. Sponsored by Osaka National Hospital HIV Medical Services & the Japan Ministry of Health.

The Psychological Impact of HIV Disease in Gay Men: A Psychoanalytic Perspective. November 18th, Osaka; November 21st, Kumamoto. Invited lectures for HIV Healthcare Providers. Sponsored by Osaka National Hospital HIV Medical Services & the Japan Ministry of Health.

Psychoanalysis & Homosexuality in the 21st Century: Perspectives from an American Gay Psychoanalyst. Paper presented at the Kodera Foundation of the Japanese Psychoanalytic Association, Tokyo, Japan.

Patricia Marra, M.F.T. published a book review essay of Joan Didion’s Blue Nights [ Alfred A. Knopf , 2011 ] entitled “A Kind of Blue” in fort da, vol. XIX, Fall 2013, 88-93

Mali Mann, M.D. was appointed as Co-Chair with Kerry Kelly Novick for North America of Committee Of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis (COCAP/ IPA). Their term of office runs from Nov 30/2013 until the date when the next Administration takes over in mid-2017.

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