Introduction to Psychoanalytic Training

The Benefits of Psychoanalytic Training at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

Since its formation seventy years ago by American and European analysts, the SFCP has been an able and avant-garde member organization of the American and International Psychoanalytic Associations.  As it has undergone continuing self-study and evolution in each decade, it now arrives in the 21st Century as a model for contemporary psychoanalytic training — offering a full vision of educational development for psychoanalysts-to-be, including:

A program that rests on the traditional three pillars of psychoanalytic education: seminars in clinical work and theory, supervision of analytic cases, and personal psychoanalysis, to which we add a fourth pillar — the serious cultivation of critical thinking with a focus on evidence and logical coherence.

  • Training that places the deeper development of clinical skill-sets and talents at its center, especially with regard to sensitivity to transference and countertransference, themes operating beyond awareness, and tactfulness in making effective interventions.
  • An academic environment in which theoretical diversity is mutually appreciated, yet with the continuing invigoration of discussion and spirited debate.
  • Four program tracks: full training in adult psychoanalysis; full training in both child and adult psychoanalysis; partial training for selected academics.  The Child Analysis Program is the only one of its kind in Northern California for training in the psychoanalysis of children.
  • Clinical and theoretical training especially deepened through the aid of experienced child analysts.
  • A graduate teaching faculty further enriched by analysts with backgrounds in philosophy, law, literature, sociology, development and attachment research, and empirical research in the clinical process.
  • Visiting Professorships that allow concentrated and exciting focus on contemporary issues in psychoanalysis by those at the leading edge.  We have hosted such visiting professors as Antonino Ferro, Ronald Britton, Betty Joseph, Anne Alvarez, Dale Boesky and Roy Schafer.
  • An annual Intersession in Applied Psychoanalysis that offers study of work presented by experts in other fields.  Topics have included psychoanalysis and film, Shakespeare, Construction of Memory, and music and psychoanalysis.
  • An opportunity to join a community network of like-minded and dependable referral sources.
  • An opportunity to become part of the most stimulating clinical and intellectual community in Northern California, continued after graduation in study groups.
  • A library with the largest collection of psychoanalytic publications in the Western United States.
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