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Palo Alto
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program (PAPPTP)


Join us for Dinner and a Discussion

Information about PAPPTP programs
will be presented and discussed by faculty and students


Thursday, March 16, 2017
7:00 –7:30 PM: Meet and Mingle
7:30 – 9:00 PM: Program

Location: Palo Alto Private Residence
(location provided upon RSVP)


For RSVP and Questions:
Catherine H. Phillips, LCSW
(650) 213-2949
[email protected]

The Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program (PAPPTP) is designed to enrich a clinician’s grasp of psychoanalytic concepts and to develop skills as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.  Through a variety of programs PAPPTP aspires to promote career and personal growth, enliven the experience of seasoned clinicians, and foster the development of early career therapists.   Each entering student is assigned a faculty member who acts as their personal advisor, mentoring them throughout their participation in PAPPTP.  All instructors, case conference leaders, supervisors, and advisors are experienced psychoanalytic clinicians and SFCP Faculty members.  In addition, PAPPTP provides an invaluable opportunity to become part of the SFCP Community and to study with other psychoanalytically oriented clinicians in the Bay Area. 

PAPPTP offers three program options:

  • Two Year Program
  • Fellowship Year
  • Post-Seminar Case Conference


PAPPTP Two-Year program

The PAPPTP Two-Year Program builds knowledge and skills in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for licensed clinicians at any stage of development. Studying psychoanalytic concepts with a cohort of colleagues over two years provides an opportunity to learn the contemporary and clinically relevant implications of psychoanalytic ideas.  This is accomplished through an extensive, integrated curriculum (with courses in Theory, Human Development, and Clinical Technique) and individual supervision of several of the student’s cases. Courses integrate a variety of psychoanalytic ideas about (1) psychological development beginning in infancy, (2) current mental functioning in health and illness, and (3) models of therapeutic action — all taught in as experiential a format as possible.  Classes meet on Friday mornings from 8:30 - 11:50am.  Students in the PAPPTP Two-Year Program should be prepared to commit six hours a week to scheduled activities plus time for assigned reading. 

Applications will be accepted for the 2017-18 year beginning January 2, 2017 and will be considered in the order in which they are received. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10. Annual tuition is $2,240. Applicants must have completed a clinical degree and will be expected to have the capacity to provide cases for supervision from their own practice settings. Thus, applicants must be seeing patients by the time they start the program under their own mental health license or under the supervision of a licensed clinician as part of meeting their requirements for licensure. Preference will be given to clinicians who are already licensed.

Admission requires an application, letters of reference, personal interviews, and a $50 application fee.  To apply go to the, download 2017-18 PAPPTP 2 Year Application Form.doc, and follow the instructions for submission of the application form.  Please send your $50 application fee (payable to SFCP) to Varsha Kekane, SFCP, 444 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. 

Not ready for a two year commitment?  Consider our Fellowship Year.


Fellowship Year

The PAPPTP Fellowship Year, brings psychoanalytic ideas and methods to life. In four segments of five weeks each, senior faculty present their work with adults and children, showing how different clinicians uniquely foster experiences that lessen suffering and promote growth. It is designed for students and interns, therapists newly in practice, and experienced therapists who want a rich and stimulating exposure to psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Classes meet Fridays, 10:00am - 11:30am, at 401 Quarry Rd., Palo Alto.  

Registrations will be accepted beginning January 2, 2017 for the 2017-18 year and will be evaluated in the order received. Class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students. In recent years, more than 12 people have attempted to register, so it is best not to delay. The registration fee is $50.00. The tuition fee is $505.00 for therapists who have completed a psychotherapy training program. Tuition is waived for students currently in psychotherapy training programs, which include:

Programs leading to MA, MSW, PhD, Psy.D, or MD degrees
Pre- and post-doc psychology internships
Master’s level internships
Psychiatry residency and fellowship

To register go to the and download 2017-18 PAPPTP Fellowship Year Registration Form.doc and follow the instructions for submission of the registration form.  Please send your $50 registration fee (payable to SFCP) to Varsha Kekane, SFCP, 444 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.


PAPPTP Post-Seminar Case Conference

The PAPPTP Post Seminar Case Conference: Graduates and post seminar students of the PAPPTP Two -Year Program are eligible to participate in a weekly case conference.  Tuition is $1040 for the 2017-18 academic year. Contact SFCP Office at 415-563-5815 for registration.



Tuition Refund Policy. Any courses / segments already attended would be charged as usual and any courses / segments that will not be attended will be handled as a pro-rated refund of the total tuition. Any course / segment in progress at the time of withdrawal will continue to be charged. There will be no refund of application fees. There will be a $ 300.00 non-refundable processing fee for all refunds.


PAPPTP Administration (Guidance Committee)

Elizabeth Biggart, Ph.D., Program Chair

Neil Brast, M.D., Associate Program Chair
Cheryl Goodrich, Ph.D., Curriculum Chair
Jana Kahn, Ph.D., Faculty Chair
Sharon Levin, L.C.S.W., Admissions Chair
Ann Martini, L.C.S.W., Student Development Chair

Catherine Phillips, L.C.S.W., Special Events Coordinator
Maureen Ruffell, M.D. Supervision Chair
Jeffrey Yost, M.F.T., CEU Coordinator
Michael Smith, Ph.D., Guidance Committee member at large

Dena Sorbo, L.C.S.W., Past Program Chair (ex-officio)
Richard Almond, M.D., Past Program Chair (ex-officio)




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