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2016 - 2017 Psychoanalytic Grand Rounds at Stanford

Program Title:
Sensing Something More: the Language of the Body
Friday, September 30, 2016
12:15pm - 01:30pm
Nancy Trueblood, MFT
Jeffrey T. Yost, MFT
Stanford Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Building
Room 1211
401 Quarry Road
Stanford, CA 94305
Program Fee:

Historically psychoanalysis has primarily considered spoken language as pathway for communication and progress. In more recent years, authors focused on how the process of change works have indicated that often ‘something more’ than our intrepretation is required for change. In this paper the author highlights the potential found in observation of and heightened attention to the lived experiential body of both analysand and analyst for gaining that something more. The author demonstrates through sharing sensorial learning derived from closely observed interactions required due to her partially impaired hearing, the potential held within the body. The expanded understanding of the unconscious realm, gained through this observation and attention to the body and senses, serves to increase sensitivity to more nuanced bodily movement and therefore deepens attunement to the emotional tone of the clinical hour. The lived body and senses convey what cannot yet be verbally expressed.

This sensorial awareness of nuanced responses, along with verbal communication, comprise the countertransferential underpinning of the clinical hour. Expanding attention to the felt experience of bodily and sensorial fluctuations can provide increased sensitivity to the moment to moment unconscious elements, and allow for greater accuracy in reading the relational field. The author includes the use of different qualities of silence along with sensorial awareness as particularly relevant when working with primitive states of mind.

Nancy Trueblood, MFT is a graduate of PINC and has developed programs for both NCSPP and SBCPS. Her interest in the role of the body in emotional life comes from personal experiences as an inpatient nurse and participation in a Tavistock model infant observation group. Ms. Trueblood has a private practice of individual and couple therapy in Palo Alto.




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