Training and Supervising Analysts

SFCP will be closed from Saturday December 20, 2014 to Sunday January 4, 2015 for the winter holiday. We will reopen on January 5th, 2015.
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Training and Supervising Analysts

Below is a list of Training and Supervising Analysts, organized by geographic area. Please note that reduced fee analysis ($75 or less) and reduced fee supervision ($50) are available. In keeping with SFCP philosophy of accessibility, all SFCP Training Analysts offer either 2 hours of $50/session supervision a week or an ongoing analysis of a candidate at $75 (or less)/session.

For up-to-date information about which analysts have reduced openings, please contact Dr. Wendy Stern at 415-931-0157.

List of TAs by region

San Francisco

  • Terrence Becker MD
  • Lisa Buchberg DMH
  • Marshall Bush PhD
  • Joseph Caston MD
  • J.Samuel Chase MD
  • James Dimon MD
  • Jonathan Dunn PhD
  • Steven Goldberg MD
  • Zenobia Grusky PhD
  • Era Loewenstein PhD
  • Stephen Purcell MD
  • Owen Renik MD
  • Stephen Seligman DMH
  • Alan Z. Skolnikoff MD
  • Stanley A. Steinberg MD
  • Wendy L. Stern DMH
  • Harriet L. Wolfe MD


East Bay

  • Janis A. Baeuerlen MD (SA-Child/Adol.)
  • Sandra Bemesderfer PhD
  • Charles P. Fisher MD
  • Suzanne M. Gassner PhD
  • William C. Glover PhD
  • Tora Hanssen PhD
  • Alice Jones MD
  • Katherine MacVicar MD
  • Henry Markman MD
  • Georgine Marrott PhD
  • Barbara McSwain MSW
  • Ray G. Poggi MD
  • Janet Roth MD
  • Mitchell Wilson MD
  • Abby Wolfson PhD


Penninsula / South Bay

  • Barbara Almond MD
  • Richard Almond MD
  • Erik Gann MD
  • Lee Grossman MD
  • Karen Mary Johnson MD
  • Alan Kessler PhD
  • David M. Lake, MD
  • Mali Mann MD
  • Janice Mill PhD
  • Mary Jane Otte PhD



  • Kay H. Blacker MD
  • James Faircloth MD
  • Stanley Goodman MD
  • Richard Greenberg MD
  • Samuel Hoch MD
  • Maurice Marcus MD
  • Robert Wallerstein MD
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