President's Message

President’s Message

by Robin Deutsch, Ph.D.

Welcome to 2014! I hope each of you had a restful and enjoyable holiday season.

As you will be reading in the letter from Zach Cowan, Chair of SFCP’s Board of Trustees, finances and budgetary issues have featured prominently in Board discussions. This is so, too, in the Management Team. Through the Fall, the Management Team has worked diligently on developing several operational policies, consistent with the BOT’s direction in financial and budgetary policies.

Beginning with the 2014-15 budget, there will be a yearly cost of living increase for each of our educational programs. In addition, everyone who attends meetings or educational problems must pay the established fee with the exception of presenters, discussants, and faculty who are teaching on-going programs. Students or community members who volunteer to staff our one-day programs are also exempt from payment of program fees.

The Management Team encourages all members to contact any of us with suggestions for improving the financial wellbeing of SFCP. Ensuring our financial future is a responsibility that belongs to all of us.

In addition, the Membership Division with the Management Team is developing a membership category for people who have graduated from our Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training programs (PAPPTP, SFPPTP, and Child Psychotherapy). After review from the Management Team, the proposal will go to the Board of Trustees for their discussion and vote. If approved by the Board of Trustees, the proposal will require a bylaws vote and will then come to the voting membership for their review and vote.

In reviewing the policies of other APsaA institutes, there is a wide range of membership categories and benefits for individuals who have graduated from psychotherapy training programs. We hope to design a membership category that will encourage our psychotherapy graduates, as with graduates from psychoanalytic training, to find an intellectual home at SFCP. Please keep your eyes on the newsletter for future details.

Since his election, Michael Donner, President-elect, and I have been working together to facilitate the transition from my Presidency to his, beginning on July 1, 2014. Both of us are interested in hearing your thoughts on matters relating to the operations of the Center. Please feel free to contact either of us.

Robin Deutsch

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