President's Message

President’s Message

by Robin Deutsch, PhD


As many may know by now, Harriet Wolfe has been elected APsaA’s next President-elect. She received 71.3% of the vote, while Richard Lightbody, the other candidate for President-elect, received 28.7%.

It is a very generous act to give of one’s precious time to help our organizations. Whichever psychoanalytic camp one belongs to, Harriet and Richard should be thanked for their willingness to contribute time, energy, and thoughtfulness for our profession’s benefit. Speaking for myself, having APsaA’s new President-elect have so much experience evolving governance structures of psychoanalytic organizations can only be beneficial to APsaA.

The need for people who are willing to contribute time and energy to maintain SFCP’s structure is also on my mind at this time. At the end of June, I will be stepping down as President, and Michael Donner will begin his three-year term. Michael has been working diligently to acquaint himself with all the issues he will deal with as President, and has much to contribute to our wellbeing. Michael Windholz will step down as Chair of the Academic and Applied Psychoanalysis, Advocacy and Research Division. Paul Ransohoff will be joining the Management Team in July in that position.

The Management Team is currently reviewing and revising governance policies on tenure of committee members and chairs within the Center. Traditionally, SFCP has had an informal guideline that committee appointments were for 3 years, with another three-year extension of that appointment possible. Some committees have followed this guideline and some have not. The Management Team is reviewing this informal policy in the process of establishing a rational and effective policy. I believe that the Center can only benefit from a system where every member has the opportunity to serve within our governance system and where every member knows how to become an active contributor to our wellbeing.

In anticipation of July 1, a number of committee and chair positions will be coming available, including analyst positions on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving in some capacity, whether you have a clear idea or not of what that capacity might be, please contact me. It would be my pleasure to help any member find the right committee or chair position for himself or herself.

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