Visiting Professor 2014

Visiting Professor, 2014

by Eric Glassgold, MD


The 2014 SFCP Visiting Professor Program with Virginia Ungar from Buenos Aires welcomes All Members of the Bay Area Psychoanalytic Community

From November 10th through 16th, Virginia Ungar, our 2014 Visiting Professor, will offer a series of papers, clinical consultations, discussions of infant observation as well as a close reading and discussion of Donald Meltzer’s theoretical contributions regarding aesthetic conflict. You can see the full program schedule by clicking on the link Visiting Professor Program Schedule.

Library News

Library News

by Eric Rosen, MLIS, Librarian


New Acquisitions:

Ferenczi, S. (1955). Final contributions to the problems and method of psycho-analysis*. London, UK: Karnac Books.

Altman, N., Briggs, R., Frankel, J. & et al. (2010). Relational Child Therapy. New York: Other Press.

Foster, P. (1995). Minding the Body: Woman writers on body and soul. New York: Anchor Books.

Berger, B. & Newman, S. (2011). Money talks: In Therapy, society and life. New York: Routledge Books.

Ferro, A. & Civitarese, G. (2014) The Analytic field and its transformations*. London, UK: Karnac Books.

*New to the collection


Members' Publications:

Faculty Announcements

Faculty Announcements

by Diane Donnelly, PhD, Faculty Committee


SFCP would like to welcome the following individuals who were recently appointed to the faculty:

Roger Karlsson, PhD—Active Faculty. Teaching interests: mentalization based treatment, Psychotherapy Research, Kleinian and Neo-Kleinian theory and application

Catherine Mallouh, MD—Active Faculty. Teaching interests: gender, female psychology, Winnicott, countertransference, analytic technique with patients of different levels of disturbance

Kyra Minninger, MD—Active Faculty. Teaching interests: contemporary Klein, how unconscious phantasy is evidenced in the analytic relationship

PPTP Students, 2014 - 2015

PPTP Students, 2014 – 2015


Board of Trustees Update

Board of Trustees Update

By Maurice G. Marcus, MD


Maurice G. Marcus, MDThe bio in last month’s Newsletter introducing me as a new board member outlined my “extracurricular activities”. I am submitting this updated bio so that newer members can get a picture of who I am and what experiences at the SFCP qualify me, as Analyst-at-Large, to represent them, as well as all members.

Professional Wills: Following Up and Looking To the Future

Professional Wills: Following Up and Looking To the Future

by Dena Sorbo, LCSW


Dear Colleagues,

To those of you who attended the conference on professional wills at SFCP on Saturday, March 29, 2014, thank you.

The meeting highlighted how challenging it is to write a professional will. Writing a professional will is simple, as a practical task; the difficulty stems from the emotions that arise in all of us in the anticipation and in the actual writing. Because it is so challenging, many participants requested follow-up support for completing this task.

A question to all: How have you done with completing your professional will? Have you started it? Or completed it? Have you made arrangements with a designated colleague? Whether you have proceeded or gotten stuck, the committees would like to know what factors contributed to your progress, or what got in the way.

Membership Division News

Membership Division News

by Meryl Botkin, PhD, Chair, Membership Services Division


Message from the Interim Executive Director

Message from the Interim Executive Director

by Beth L. Schecter


Message from the Board Chair

Message from the Board Chair

by Zach Cowan


In this issue of the newsletter you'll see articles from our President Michael Donner and our Interim Executive Director, Beth Schecter, about their approaches to taking care of SFCP after Jeff Miller's departure, and to replacing him. I thought it would be good to provide my perspective as Chair of the Board of Trustees as well. I'll start by saying that while changes can be good or bad, I generally focus on the potential for positive change, and bend my efforts in that direction.

President's Message

President’s Message

by Michael Donner, PhD


As I'm writing this, SFCP has completed the first month of our academic year and the first month of the “ending phase” of our transition. Beth Schecter has stepped into the interim role and has been keeping us on track and helping us sort out what our “new beginning” will look like.

We have been very busy. SFCP welcomed our new Fellows of the American Psychoanalytic Association at a reception before our first Scientific Meeting. We celebrated the dedication of our Donor Wall at the Fall Party, and our Candidates, PPTP, PAPPTP and Year Long programs began their classes along with Dialogues, our Student Seminars and Clinical Forums. The SFCP and University College London Comparative Clinical Methods Working Party Project completed its second collaboration, the Management Team held a day long retreat, and the Board of Trustees welcomed eight new members to its first meeting.


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