PED Graduation

PED Graduation

by Laurie Case, PhD, Chair, Curriculum Committee


On Saturday, May 17, our community gathered to celebrate the graduation of five analysts from SFCP's adult track. Those analysts were Leora Benioff, Jeanne Leary, Kyra Minninger, Sarah Lewis Stadler and Naomi Janowitz. The graduation speaker was Lee Grossman, who graciously agreed to step in for Barbara McSwain. (Happily, Barbara has agreed to speak next year). Dr. Grossman's presentation was full of humor, a send up of the plethora of ideological schisms that have characterized psychoanalysis from its beginning. But laughter aside, or perhaps along side, Dr. Grossman spoke of the way psychoanalysts may cling to theoretical conviction as a way of evading the anxieties inherent in our work—our fear of hurting our patients, our anxiety in the face of uncertainty, an uncertainty which he sees as inevitable and inevitably painful but ultimately crucial.

Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program

Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program

by Dena Sorbo, LCSW, BCD, Program Chair


This year has flown by and has been a full one for PAPPTP. In addition to starting our fourth training class of nine, we have had our second Fellowship Year Program and two ongoing case conferences for the PAPPTP community. During the year we also sponsored three workshops for current and alumni PAPPTP members: one preceding the Visiting Professor with Eric Glassgold and Ric Almond; a workshop on Practice Development with Renee Spencer, Maureen Smith Ruffell and Mike Smith and a workshop on the Meanings of Money in clinical work with Mary Jane Otte and Ann Martini.

Update of Safety Measures at SFCP, May 20, 2014

Update of Safety Measures at SFCP, May 20, 2014

by Michael Donner, PhD, President-elect


  • We anticipate that a receptionist will be on duty Fridays when the new academic year begins in September.
  • Changes have been made to the way the door operates and more will be done over this summer.
  • Additional lighting was added and motion activated cameras monitor and record everything that happens outside our building.
  • A camera in the exterior foyer allows the staff to view anyone requesting access.

The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team can be reached at 415-734-4233. They are available 24 hours a day and the average response time is 30 minutes.

The San Francisco Police Department is aware of the problems we have had in the past and have stepped up foot patrols in the neighborhood.


President’s Message

President’s Message

by Robin Deutsch, PhD


In slightly more than the blink of an eye, another academic year has gone by; analytic graduation has passed and psychoanalytic psychotherapy graduation is soon to be upon us. It seems that such a short time ago, I was writing my first newsletter column as President, and now, I have arrived at my final newsletter column. On June 30, I will step down as SFCP President.




Please contact Sue von Baeyer, 510 849-4403

Please contact Mali Mann, MD, Chair of DG 30, if you have a case in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic treatment who has used Assisted reproductive Technology. The APsaA meeting will be in Chicago on June 6-8, 2014.

This discussion group will address the psychological effects of the individuals involved in various aspects of alternative reproduction. It will provide a guideline to the psychoanalytic treatment of the psychological difficulties encountered dur- ing these procedures. It will attempt to provide understanding of the short and long term effects on the participants as well as the offspring born via this technology.




Mitchell Wilson, MD, published, "Maternal Reliance: Commentary on Kristeva," in the current issue of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association."

Robert Waska, LPCC, MFT, PhD, has the following recognitions

Upcoming Journal Publications

  • Waska, R (2014) Children as Collateral, Psychoanalytic Couples and Family Journal, in press
  • Waska, R (2014) Review of Emotional Communication by Paul Geltner, American Journal of Psychoanalysis, in press
  • Waska, R (2014) Attention Deficit Disorder or Object Detachment Disorder: A Brief Psychoanalytic Case Study, Psychoanalytic Review, in press




Pleasant, tastefully furnished office in a well-maintained Victorian house containing other therapists at the corner of Ce- dar and Shattuck in Berkeley; within easy walking distance to BART. Suitable for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Available 8:15am to late afternoon, all day on Thursday and Saturday, and from 8:15pm onwards every day.

Month to month rent, negotiable. Contact Michael Zimmerman (510) 579-74788


Berkeley Office for Rent
Newly constructed, large bright space, Skylights, bamboo floors, free wi-fi, 13' by 21'. Separate therapists' bathroom, full kitchen, Off-street parking.

For information call Dr. Alice Jones


Library News - April 2014

SFCP Library News April, 2014

New Acquisitions and Additions to the Collection, January-April 2014

Compiled by Eric Rosen, Assistant Librarian
Selected by Alyson Barrett-Ryan, Library Director / Audiovisual Material processed by Eric Rosen




Graduation Ceremony & Celebration • Saturday May 17, 2014

by Laurie Case, PhD & Gary Grossman, PhD


We are writing to invite all of our members and candidates to join together in celebration of this year’s graduates from SFCP’s Psychoanalytic Training Program. The ceremony begins at 4:00pm in the Center’s auditorium. Our 2014 speaker is SFCP faculty member and Training Analyst, Barbara McSwain, LCSW. A champagne and hors d'oeuvres reception will follow the ceremony.

fang_01.pngThe Graduation Dinner Celebration begins at 6:30 at Fang Restaurant.


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