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Library News, October, 2015

by Eric Rosen, MLIS, Librarian and Gregory Borman, MLIS


Learn how to access the APA collection of 4,000 eBooks, schedule a personal training session-please contact library staff at In fact, if there is any aspect of using the library and its resources that you need assistance with, please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to give you a hand.

We broke in our new AV equipment at the Sam Gerson lecture and it worked brilliantly. We were able to bring the camera back to the auditorium floor by using a professional grade tripod (from an earlier period in SFCP’s audiovisual history) with our new Canon camcorder, avoiding the odd angles of previous videos, which we had filmed from the mezzanine with a cheaper camera and tripod. According to people who have watched the footage, the optics are clearer and the audio is greatly improved. Following a somewhat difficult post-production with many edits, we are experimenting with putting the footage on dual-layer DVDs so that patrons will no longer have to switch DVDs after watching an hour of the film.

We have also taped the Henry Markman lecture at the Psychoanalytic Dialogues event on Saturday, October 3rd, and we will be taping the Mark Solms Lecture at Berkeley on October 10th, and the Scientific Meeting back home at SFCP on October 12th with Mark Solms again.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-10 (October 2015)


Child Colloquium Committee News

by Sarah Stadler, MD, Chair


Saturday, October 17, 10am - 12noon:
SFCP Child Colloquium hosts Dr. Stephanie Pass, PhD, presenting her paper,
“Tyler in the Labyrinth: A young child’s journey from chaos to coherence”.

The paper explores how psychoanalytic play therapy, including the exploration of a book of Greek myths, helped a four year old boy create a meaningful narrative from his chaotic and abusive early life. Dr. Pass describes the challenges of working in the intimate territory of early trauma, and helping a child to create his own story when the space between reality and pretend has collapsed.

Stephanie Pass, PhD is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, where she specializes in the treatment of children and their families. Dr. Pass teaches and presents widely on child development, child treatment, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Her interests include the use of literature in the treatment of children and early symbolic play development.

The paper will be discussed by Rachael Peltz, PhD. Dr. Peltz is a Training and Supervising Analyst and Faculty at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, and a Supervision Analyst at The Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis and Access Institute . She has published papers in a wide range of journals as well as in the book, Psychoanalysis, Class and Politics: Encounters in the Clinical Setting. Her clinical practice with adults, adolescents, couples and families is in Berkeley, California.

Please visit the Child Colloquia: Tyler in the Labyrinth event webpage for more information.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-10 (October 2015)


President’s Message

by Michael Donner, PhD

In the last year since the shooting death by police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, our country has been engaged in an intense conversation about race. That profoundly difficult and much needed conversation has come alive within psychoanalysis as well. It could not be more timely for us at SFCP to address, among ourselves, the difficulty of think- ing and speaking to one another, with our patients, and with our analysts about race. We will take this opportunity to view the film “ Black Psychoanalysts Speak” together, and then to follow the viewing with conversation about the film and about our own difficulties speaking about race.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


Message from the new Executive Director

by Marian Banks - Nickleberry, MS, LMSW

It is not often in life that we get great new beginnings. For me the opportunity to join you as the Executive Director of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis is just that. After spend- ing almost three years as the primary care giver for my mother as she embarked on her final jour- ney, I have a new respect for anyone who has the privilege and responsibility of caring for and guiding others. As Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers, that is exactly what we do on a daily basis. We help others to embark on journeys of discovery, and in the process we always learn something more about ourselves.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


SFCP New Board of Trustees Members

Nominating Committee:
   Jessica Areen, MA, Chair
   Audrey Dunn, LCSW
   Erik Gann, MD

KIRSTEN BEUTHIN, LMFT is a 3rd year Candidate at SFCP who has joined the Board this year as the Candidate trustee. She is in private practice in San Francisco working with adults, adolescents and couples.


STEVEN GOLDBERG , MD, practices psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in San Francisco, and since graduating from SFCP has been involved in teaching, supervising, and writing about psychoanalysis. He is a training and supervising analyst at SFCP, and a personal and supervising analyst at PINC. Leadership positions at SFCP have included chairing the Clinic, co-chairing the Ethics and Impairment committee, and most recently serving as Dean in the psychoanalytic training program. Other professional activities include co-chairing Opera on the Couch, and serving on the editorial boards of the Psychoanalytic Quarterly and JAPA. Dr. Goldberg is active in the American Psychoanalytic Association, where he served a term as fellow on the Board of Professional Standards and co-leads a discussion group on impasses and failures in psychoanalysis. He looks forward to serving on the board of SFCP as another vantage point from which to contribute to training, practice, and research in psy- choanalysis and psychotherapy. 

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


Launching Freud’s Bar

by Robin Deutsch, PhD

What does San Francisco have in common with Berlin, Brussels, Guadalajara, London, Munich, Odessa and Rome? All of the psychoanalytic societies in these cities have launched an outreach program called Freud’s Bar.

Quoting Claudia Spadazzi, an analyst in Rome, Freud’s bar is an outreach initiative with the aim of raising a public interest in psychoanalysis, most especially young people. Originally, David Clinton, an analyst from the Swedish Psychoanalytic Society, formulated the idea. Soon after, Rome decided to experiment with the model. They began by finding the location, the scientific bookshop Assaggi, which has a bar inside the bookshop. Eight colleagues gave informal talks of 20-30 min, focusing on “escape from reality” from a psycho- dynamic perspective, and, more specifically, escape into drugs, compulsive sex, virtuality, into and away from food, alcohol, danger and accidents, cosmetic surgery. The Roman program attracted 40 to 50 people each lecture, including quite a lot of young people: university students, and high school students. After the short lecture, there was a time for discussion with the public: the all meeting last 1 hour and half.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


Interview with Elizabeth M. Simpson, LCSW

BY Catherine Witzling, PhD, LCSW, Newsletter Editor

The Coalition for Clinical Social Work (CCSW) is thriving at SFCP. If you don’t attend its Clinical Evening Discussion Series and happen to be at Natoma St. on one of relevant Wednesday evenings, you will recognize the CCSW event by the large turnout and almost electric hum of excitement. In addition, it offers a broad range of programs including: a two-year (36 weeks) education program entitled “Foundations of Clinical Work with Clients”; a psychoanalytic student seminar, free consultation groups, and a mentoring program. Though the programs are targeted for clinical social workers, all interested members of the community interested in applied psychoanalysis are welcomed to participate.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


New APsaA Fellows

by Robin Deutsch, PhD

SFCP is happy to welcome two APsaA Fellows for the 2015-2016 Academic year. The APsaA Fellowship Program is part of an initiative to provide additional knowledge of psychoanalysis to outstanding early-career psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and academics - the future educators and leaders in their fields,

SFCP is honored that two of this year’s fellows come from the Bay Area: Rachel Winer, MD, and Karen Mu, MD.

KAREN J. MU, MD, PHD recently completed her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UC San Francisco and is a 2015-2016 APsaA Fellow. She grew up in countries as disparate as Japan, the U.S., Canada, Korea, Belgium, and Cote d'Ivoire, an upbringing that cultivated an early interest in culture and behavior. At the University of Washington, she studied music, piano performance and developed an interest in neuroscience. She completed her medical degree and PhD in Comparative Pathology at UC Davis. During her post-graduate training at UCSF, she was the Co-PI on a study exam- ining the relationship between psychiatric co-morbidities, shame and BMI in adolescents. Her current professional interests include integrated care, parent and child therapy, and eating disorders. Following graduation, she plans to work as a psychiatrist in the clinic and integrative care setting with patients of all ages for the City and County of San Francisco and continue her training at SFCP in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program.


Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


New SFCP Fellows


All applicants for the APsaA Fellowship, whether or not they are selected as APsaA Fellows, are offered the opportunity to become a SFCP Fellow. These Fellows have the option of being assigned an experienced psychoanalyst as a Mentor, and a Community Membership.

This year’s SFCP Fellows are William Pitts, MD, Captain, US Army Medical Corps, stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, and David Gatta, MA.

DAVID GATTA, MA, states “I am a doctoral candidate at the Wright Institute. My dissertation explores the role of associational imagery in the analytic encounter. My work posits a novel model whereby the sensoriality of the image is taken up as a guide to what is being communicated in the oneiric field. Currently I am a pre-doctoral intern at the Access Institute for Psychological Services. In addition to my internship I have been working as a psychological assistant under the supervisor of Dr. Jed Sekoff. I maintain a small private practice where I see both adults and young adults. Prior to opening this practice in the summer of 2013, I completed a practicum at Mills College. Clinical work with college students continues to remain a focus. Psychoanalytic theory has been a long-standing passion. It is my intention to one-day train as a psychoanalyst. I imagine a future divided across clinical work both in private practice as well as in a community clinic or in a college counseling setting. When I’m not working I try to spend as much time as possible camping and fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada. I am a lover of wine and the culinary arts as well as all things Sicilian.


Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)


Membership Division News

by Meryl J. Botkin, PhD, Chair

It is hard to believe that we are about to start our Fall Semester at SFCP with classes for our candidates, PPTP and Year -long participants starting up on Friday, Sept 11th and our first Scientific Meeting on September 14th with Sam Gerson, PhD speaking on the Descendants of the Holocaust—Shadow Memories and Shadowed by Memory; Lisa Roth, PhD will be our Discussant.

We will celebrate a return to all the activities of the Center with our Annual Fall Party sponsored by the Membership Integration Committee (MIC) on Saturday, Sept 20th. There will be good food, good wine and great music by Craig Williams and the Bonafides. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new members and friends in our community. Feel free to bring a friend and please RSVP to Lynda Connelly (

This fall, we will be saying good-bye to Beth Schecter, our interim director, who came in on little notice and was a stabilizing force for all who worked with her. We will also welcome Marion Banks-Nickleberry, MS, LMSW, who will be our new Executive Director. Please come and meet Marion at our Fall Party and bid Beth good-bye.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-09 (September 2015)



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