Wallerstein Report

Wallerstein Report

by Nathan M. Szajnberg, M.D.


Dear Colleagues,

Since 2005, I have been honored to hold the position as Wallerstein Research Fellow of SFCP.  I was particularly honored to follow Enrico Jones.  My focus has been on developmental outcome from infancy through young adulthood and the nature of attachment.  In addition to empirical studies (emphasized by the Wallerstein Committee), I have also written papers on psychoanalytic process, on Caravaggio, and psychosomatic illnesses in children and attachment, among other papers.  The Wallerstein also permitted me to serve as the Freud Professor at the Hebrew University, following Sandler, Solnit, Blatt and others.

Visiting Professor Week Schedule

SFCP Visiting Professor Week

Claudio Laks Eizirik, M.D.

November 11th through 17th

Our Visiting Professor is Claudio Laks Eizirik, a Training and Supervising Analyst from the Porto Alegre Institute for Psychoanalysis, Brazil. Dr. Eizirik is a well known and popular teacher and supervisor throughout Latin America, author of numerous articles and books, and former president of the IPA and the Association of Latin American Psychoanalysts (FEPAL).

Incoming Candidates Class

Incoming Candidates Class

We have a class of 5 talented candidates beginning psychoanalytic training this fall. Those candidates are:

  • Kirsten Beuthin, LMFT
  • Robert Eskuchen, MD
  • Joel Benjamin Goldstone, MFT
  • Rebecca Schwartz, PhD
  • Gregory Villalba, LCSW

A welcome introducing them to the community was not ready in time for the September newsletter but will be in the October newsletter.



Mary Brady gave a Keynote Lecture at the Canadian Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting in Vancouver on Friday, June 7th entitled "Psychic Isolation in Adolescence and its Relation to Bodily Symptoms."  She also participated in a Round Table Discussion on "Stepping into the Ebb and Flow of Intermediate Space" which included short papers from herself, Michael Parsons, London; Coleen Gold, Vancouver; and Charles Levin, Montreal.

Botkin, M. J. (2013, August). Psychic pain in the analyst and patient. Paper presented at the International Psychoanalytic Congress, Prague, Czech Republic. Read by Marilynne Kanter, Ph.D.

New Task Force on Developing a Psychoanalytic Program for Primary care Physicians and Nurses

New Task Force on Developing a Psychoanalytic Program for Primary care Physicians and Nurses

Under the auspices of the Community Outreach and Services Division, we are setting up a task force to establish a series of psychoanalytic seminars for primary care physicians and nurses. We are interested in members who have experience with developing new programs and familiarity with the challenges within primary care health setting. To ensure an effective group, participation in the task force will be limited to 12 to 15 members. The first meeting will be held at SFCP this fall in early October.

Top 5 things to know about SFCP’s Online Discussion Group

Top 5 things to know about SFCP’s Online Discussion Group

How many members are in this group? 
There are 110 analyst members, candidates, and community members in this group.

What purpose does this group serve?
The group provides resources and an opportunity to network.

What are some of the most common types of postings? 
Members post referral opportunities (e.g., looking for therapists or psychiatrists in certain areas or with specific competence), questions about community resources (e.g., treatment programs), and office space rental/sublet.

How frequently will I receive emails?
You will have the option to receive email notification daily or much less frequently.

SFCP Library Annual Update

SFCP Library Annual Update

by Alyson Barrett-Ryan, MA, MLIS

SFCP's 2013 Visiting Professor Week: An Introduction to Claudio Laks Eizirik, M.D. (Part I)

SFCP’s 2013 Visiting Professor Week  Nov. 10th-17th

An Introduction to Claudio Laks Eizirik, M.D. (Part I)

by Eric Glassgold, MD, Visiting Professor Program Co-chair

In our October newsletter, Visiting Professor Co-chair Laurie Goldsmith, Ph.D. will discuss Dr. Eizirik’s paper: On the therapeutic action of psychoanalysis.  Psychoanalytic Quarterly 76S: 1463-1478.  We encourage all SFCP members to read this paper in preparation for Visiting Professor Week.

Jim Dimon, M.D. will present “An Introduction to the Work of Claudio Eizirik” on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 at 7:30 PM at SFCP.  The program will be available via telecast for members far from SFCP.  In-person attendance is requested for those with reasonable commutes.

Psychoanalytic Education Division Policies & Procedures Manual

Psychoanalytic Education Division
Policies & Procedures Manual

The PED is very pleased to announce that the completely updated Policies & Procedures Manual is now available in the Member’s Section of the website.

The new Manual is the result of 6 years of hard work by a committee chaired by Zoe Grusky, outgoing PED Secretary, with members Phyllis Cath, Sam Chase, Chuck Fisher, Mary Margaret McClure and, for the past year, Bill Glover.  The long serving committee members have done SFCP a great service.

The Manual conveys not only the policies but the philosophy that guides psychoanalytic training at SFCP. Committee member Sam Chase describes the history and function of the Policies & Procedures Manual.


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