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Mitchell Wilson, MD, presented, “Never ‘beyond theory’: the exquisite relevance of theory to clinical work.” at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute’s Annual Symposium 2015. Ann Arbor, April 11.

Published, introduction to section on Jay Greenberg’s “Therapeutic action and the analyst’s responsibility.” Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 63: 1, p. 1-5.


Michael Bader, DMH, has published a new book in the form of a "kindle single"--downloadable on at: The title is: More Than Bread and Butter: A Psychologist Speaks to Progressives About What People Really Need In Order To Win and Change the World

Newsletter Issue: 2015-05 (May 2015)


Faculty Committee News

by Elizabeth Biggart, PhD, Committee Co-Chair

Function of the Faculty Committee

The Faculty Committee represents the Faculty in the educational mission of the Center. The Committee’s primary task is to support and promote the educational efforts and intellectual pursuits of the Faculty. The following are functions or subcommittees of the Faculty Committee.

Revised April, 2015

Newsletter Issue: 2015-05 (May 2015)


President’s Message

by Michael Donner, PhD

The Search Begins….

Several months ago, the board appointed a Transition Committee to consider the next step in our management structure. The Transition Committee, chaired by Audrey Dunn, carefully reviewed our current management model. Although we have a temporary Interim Executive Director, our current model calls for a Chief Operating Officer (COO) who reports to the President. The President is accountable to the Board.

In her report to the Board, Beth Schecter, our Interim Executive Director, along with myself and Board Chair Zach Cowan, recommended that the Board consider replacing the COO with an Executive Director. The Executive Director would report directly to the Board, chaired by an elected President. The Transition Committee was given the task of reviewing these options, consider any other possibilities, and make recommendations to the board.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)


Featuring Dominique Scarfone, MD

Dominique Scarfone, MD, will be the 2015 Visiting Professor. He will visit SFCP from November 9th through November 16th. Dr. Scarfone is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Montréal Psychoanalytic Institute and Society, Professor of Psychology at the University of Montréal. His work integrates the thought of Jean Laplanche with a diverse range of other seminal theorists including D.W. Winnicott, Piera Aulagnier and Michel de M’Uzan. He is known for his lucid and clear teaching manner and incisive and lively approach to clinical supervision—something that surprises many American analysts given the density and complexity of the concepts he writes about. His is the author of many books and numerous journal articles. These include: “A Matter of Time: Actual Time and the Production of the Past.” Psychoanalytic Quarterly (2006), 75:807-834; and “The Three Essays and The Meaning of the Infantile Sexual in Psychoanalysis” (2014). Psychoanalytic Quarterly 83: 327-344

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)



Graduation Ceremony & Celebration • Saturday May 30, 2014

by Laurie Case, PhD & Gary Grossman, PhD

We are writing to invite all of our members and candidates to join together in celebration of this year’s graduates from SFCP’s Psychoanalytic Training Program. The ceremony begins at 4:00pm in the Center’s auditorium. Our 2015 speaker is Barbara McSwain, LCSW, a beloved SFCP Training & Supervising Analyst who retired last year. A champagne and hors d'oeuvres reception will follow the ceremony.

The Graduation Dinner Celebration begins at 6:30 at Fang Restaurant. Located at 660 Howard Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Fang is just a short walk from SFCP. The dinner at Fang was a big hit last year and we are looking forward to another outstanding meal.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)


News from APsaA

by Christine Kieffer, PhD, Chair, APsaA Program Committee

The 104th Annual Meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association comes to San Francisco

The 104th Annual Meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association will take place at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel from June 5-7, 2015,and I would like to encourage all SFCP members to attend. The program committee is excited to be offering a variety of new features, along with some “old reliables,”in our streamlined Annual Meeting format.

In addition to presentations by national and international psychoanalysts, scholars and researchers, the San Francisco Bay Area will also be well represented at the June meeting. Among the offerings, our clinical events are a standout. Alice Jones, MD, will present a case at the clinical plenary, chaired by Nancy Kulish, PhD, with discussions by Aisha Abbasi, MD and Ellen Pinsky, PsyD. We will feature a film, Black Psychoanalysts Speak, followed by audience discussion led by Francisco Gonzalez, MD, Forrest Hamer, PhD and Donald Moss, MD. Among our popular two-day clinical workshops are featured discussants: Dominique Scarfone, MD, Anton O. Kris, MD, Eslee Samberg, MD, Wendy Stern, DMH and Alan Sugarman, PhD.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)


A Brief Overview of the Current Crisis in the American Psychoanalytic Association

by Erik Gann, MD, Fellow, Board of Professional Standards, APsaA

Power struggles are not unknown in APsaA. Most recently, the contested issues have focused on the struggle between the Executive Council (Council) and the Board of Professional Standards (BOPS) over ultimate authority in the organization, as manifested in the debate over requirements for Training Analyst (TA) appointment. My own opinion is that a deep, underlying identity crisis and anxiety in our field -- about what place psychoanalysis occupies in the current scene, what it means to be a psychoanalyst today, what is psychoanalysis at this moment in history—have exacerbated the universal tendency to regression in all large groups, leading to polarization, paranoid stances and splits, which inevitably avoid the more profound underlying issues and anxieties.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)



International Psychoanalytic Association - Election 2015

Polls are open until May 30 for IPA members to vote

On-line voting is the default method for IPA elections and voting instructions were sent March 4th via e-mail unless you requested a paper ballot or the IPA doesn’t have your e-mail address. If you haven’t received an e-mail or paper ballot please email for assistance. Campaign statements are available on the IPA web-page

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)


Community Membership Update

By German Cheung, PsyD , Chair, Community Membership Committee

On behalf of the Community Membership Committee, I want to thank those of you who took the time to respond to our survey and provided your honest feedback. It was especially encouraging to know that you do consider SFCP your professional home. Your careful assessment of what our membership has been lacking was helpful for us to gauge how our committee would steer ourselves to serve you.

Change is coming.

Stay tuned.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)


Faculty Committee News

by Diane Donnelly, PhD, Chair, Faculty Appointment Subcommittee

SFCP would like to welcome Stephen H. Richmond, MD, PsyD, who was recently appointed. to the Adjunct faculty. His teaching interests include the relational implications of a model that views psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy as Applied Art.

Newsletter Issue: 2015-04 (April 2015)



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