Visiting Professor Week Program Schedule

Visiting Professor, 2014

by Eric Glassgold, MD


NOVEMBER 10th-16th, 2014

Thursday evening, October 30th, 2014, 7:30 PM at SFCP: The Writings of Dr. Virginia Ungar: A Preview of a Distinct Psychoanalytic Integration Presenters: Era Loewenstein, PhD, SFCP Training and Supervising Analyst and Jack Giuliani, PhD, SFCP Faculty. Webcast available. The presenters will provide a brief overview of Dr. Virginia Ungar’s major papers published in English highlighting her theoretical foundation and clinical interests.

The Visiting Professor Program 2014: An Interview with Virginia Ungar, MD



An Interview with Virginia Ungar, MD
Interviewer: Laurie Goldsmith, PhD, Co-Chair, Visiting Professor Committee, SFCP Faculty.

Virginia Ungar, MD, is an Argentine psychoanalyst who lives in Buenos Aires and has been in practice since 1977. Dr. Ungar will be the Visiting Professor at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis in November 2014.

Library News

Library News

by Eric Rosen, MLIS, Librarian


While the students and most of the library patrons went on to their summer digs, the library has been busy catching up on projects, preparing for the arrival of interns to work on our archival collection, preparing library orientation materials, and making acquisitions and post-production work for a new series of videos to be hosted by Pep-Web, In addition, we have done smaller, more routine tasks necessary to keep the library running and in good shape for the resumption of full demand for library services during the academic year, like financials, statistics, work with EZ-proxy e-journals, and other electronic services, and the print and serial collection.

Using the Library

Using the Library

by Eric Rosen, MLIS, Librarian


Borrowing and Renewing Library Materials
Analyst members, candidates and community members have full borrowing privileges from the SFCP Library. All other patrons may use library materials onsite. The loan period for circulating library material is one month. If there is a waiting list, or if an item is requested by another patron, the item may be recalled after two weeks. One four week renewal is possible for all circulating material. Renewal and reserve requests may be made in person, via phone or via email. The library is open to the public during business hours.

Photocopies and Scans
Librarians will make copies or scans for SFCP analyst members, candidates or community members on request. All other patrons are welcome to use library materials onsite.

New APsaA Fellows 2014 - 2015

New APsaA Fellows 2014-2015

by Robin Deutsch, PhD


SFCP is happy to welcome three APsaA Fellows for the 2014-15 Academic year. The APsaA Fellowship program is part of an initiative to provide outstanding early-career psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and academics, the future educators
and leaders in their fields, additional knowledge of psychoanalysis.

All applicants, whether or not they receive Fellowships, have the option of being assigned an experienced psychoanalyst as a Mentor. Fellows have their expenses – including travel, lodging, food, and meeting registration covered for the meetings of the American that take place during their Fellowship year.

Psychoanalytic Education Division News

Psychoanalytic Education Division News

by William C. Glover, PhD, Chair


Policies & Procedures Update

There have been a number of significant changes and clarifications to the policies of the PED in the past year that I want to bring your attention to. Sections of the Policies & Procedures Manual containing the most important changes are posted below, and you can find the complete Manual on our website (

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.


Dean of Students

Mitch Wilson is our new Dean of Students and we are redefining the Dean’s job on a trial basis for the coming academic year.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program: Commencement Speech - Cooking and the Art of Psychotherapy

PPTP Graduation Speeches:
Commencement Speech

Cooking and the Art of Psychotherapy

by Elizabeth M. Simpson, LCSW


As I began to think about your graduation and what I might say to you, I found myself thinking about the gratitude I feel for my education in literature, then social work and later psychoanalysis. Pursuing education throughout my life has facilitated a freedom to be creative and to apply all of myself and my psychoanalytic thinking to my clinical work, teaching, program development and leadership.

Today, we celebrate what you have accomplished and all the ways in which you will continue to apply what you have learned and experienced as you move on to the next chapter in your career.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Graduation, June 14, 2014

PPTP Graduation Speeches

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Graduation, June 14, 2014

by Beth Steinberg, PhD, Chair, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division


Introduction to the Program

Good afternoon psychotherapy training graduates and families, students, members of the faculty, Management Team and Board, and all our other guests here today. It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to this very special event honoring our 14 fine graduates from the Palo Alto and the SF PPTP’s.

SFCP New Board of Trustees Members

SFCP New Board of Trustees Members

Dr. Maurice Marcus has updated his bio.


Nominating Committee: Michael Donner, PhD, Linda Bartlett, PhD, Audrey Dunn, LCSW, Erik Gann, MD, Tora Hansen, MD

SFCP Business Meeting, June 17, 2014

SFCP Business Meeting , June 17, 2014

by Robin Deutsch, PHD


Welcome to the annual membership meeting. Thank you for taking the time to drive down and hear more about the current state of the Center. I also wish to thank an anonymous donor for the generous donation of this evening’s dinner.

The academic year seems to come and go in quite a flurry. It seems such a short time ago that I was addressing this meeting as President-elect, about to be President and now I have completed my three-year term. On June 30, I will step down and Michael Donner will begin his Presidency. I have great confidence in Michael’s abilities and look forward to hearing more about his initiatives during his time in office.

Within the past month, we held two graduations: one for our psychoanalytic candidates and the second, just last Saturday, for the graduates of our two adult psychoanalytic training programs.


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