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Dr. Walt Beckman and Dr. Michael Smith have agreed to accept the nomination as co-presidents of SFCP

Michael B. Donner, PhD

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that Walt Beckman and Michael Smith have agreed to accept the nomination as co-presidents of SFCP. Their nomination has been unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees, and we are all very pleased that they have agreed to serve.

The election of President requires a vote of the members. Ballots will be prepared and sent out to the membership as soon as possible. The election of co-presidents will also require a slight modification of our bylaws. Our bylaws already make allowance for more than one elected officer (President and President-Elect) to vote as analyst members of the board. The co-presidents will each serve and vote as analyst members of the board, much as the president and president-elect do now.

We hope that you will vote to support the election of these excellent candidates and approver the necessary modification of our bylaws to support the nominees.

Thank you,

Michael B. Donner, PhD,
On behalf of the Board of Trustees


Do you believe in what we do? Do you know what we do?

Michael B. Donner, PhD

For well over a decade, SFCP has been trying to develop a spirit of giving within the organization. Outside of our very successful Capital Campaign and a small number of stalwart contributors, our efforts have been disappointing. I have been talking to some of our members about their vision for SFCP and the potential impediments to raising funds both within our membership and raising funds from foundations and business. Some of the responses I received were predictable, others surprising, while a few were downright disconcerting.

A common refrain was that people were feeling tapped out. Our dues seem high, and with dues to APsaA and licensing fees, some members felt like they had little more to give. Although unfortunate, this seemed understandable. Sometimes these members thought that we should be able to make do with what we have. They were aware that we have an endowment, that in addition to dues, many teach and serve on committees, so feel they have given enough already.

If you didn’t receive or misplaced your voting instructions email, please contact [email protected] for assistance. Polls close May 31.

Why Your IPA Vote is Essential:  It is critical for the future of psychoanalysis in North America that Board Representatives are elected who will work together collaboratively for the benefit of all IPA members. Issues are coming before the IPA Board that have major implications for APsaA.  Please vote in this IPA election so your views will be represented. Some of the important questions being considered by the IPA Board are;

Your Vote Matters!

Dear APsaA Members,

We are writing to announce the initiation of a new APsaA Connects online community called the "IPA Community".  Instructions for joining it can be found at the end of this email.

We are also writing to urge you to vote in the upcoming IPA election for North American Representatives to the IPA Board of Directors.

There are matters under review by the IPA Board that have important implications for APsaA.  The issues include IPA dues policies for APsaA members, the revision of the IPA Eitingon training model, and APsaA's autonomy as a Regional Association of the IPA, which allows APsaA to set our own training standards and bring in new groups. 

Poetry and Psychoanalysis offers a program with Gregory Orr on May 19th and 20th.   Poet, Gregory Orr will give readings of his poems in a program titled, Trauma, Poetry and the Emerging Word: A weekend with Gregory Orr.

On Friday night from 7pm to 8pm, he will read his poetry, and on Saturday, a whole day will be devoted to a program including a discussion of his selected poems with Susan Kolodny that includes lunch on site. Gregory Orr will talk on trauma and poetry and Alice Jones will give psychoanalytic reflections on his poetry and trauma.

In describing the work of Gregory Orr, Forrest Hamer notes that Orr is the author of eleven collections of poetry and two memoirs on poetry and trauma, “The Blessing” and “Poetry as Survival.” Much of his early work is concerned with seminal events from his childhood including a hunting accident when he was twelve in which he accidently shot and killed his younger brother, followed shortly by his mother’s unexpected death, and his father’s later addiction to amphetamines.

This program is offered in conjunction with the Outreach Program and the SF Year-long course on Trauma of SFCP, and the Membership Integration Committee, and is supported by the J. David Frankel Memorial Fund for Poetry and Psychoanalysis. 

Paper Archive Update:
Pre-processing for the Windholz papers has at long last been completed with all materials removed from their original storage containers, re-boxed into archival storage boxes and moved to the archive section of the library with the current box contents identified.  Arrangement of the collection currently stands at 70% complete with 46 boxes arranged (out of 60) and the contents identified in archival software at the box and folder level. For all items that have been dated, the material in each series has been placed into chronological order. Remaining is to complete the collection arrangement, re-folder all contents into acid free folders for long term storage and write a complete description (finding aid) of the collection along with a complete box and folder list for easy perusal by researchers. Sections of the papers will then go up on the web as static html pages which can be perused by members, researchers, or other academic and intellectual circles interested in Consensual Analysis, or how Psychoanalysts during the late 20th century thought about patients, the analytic process, and other topics.


Identifying photos for the 75th anniversary
Have a box of old photographs sitting around that you’d like to be seen? The library is currently editing our photo collection, bringing out photos that haven’t seen the light of day for ages, and is recruiting people who have been associated with SFPI&S and SFCP to fill in the details of who the photographs are of, if it isn’t immediately obvious. 75th anniversaries only come once in the life of an institution, and you would be doing all of us a great favor by working with Library Staff to identify the subject of the prints in our collections before it’s too late and no one remembers.


Acquisitions for March:


▪ Civitarese, G. (2016). Truth and the unconscious in psychoanalysis (The New Library of Psychoanalysis). London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

▪ Corbett, A. (2016). Psychotherapy with male survivors of sexual abuse. London, England: Karnac Books Ltd.

▪ Haute, P. V., & Westerink, H. (2017). Deconstructing normativity? Re-reading Freud's 1905 Three Essays. Basingstoke: Taylor & Francis Ltd.

▪ Klein, M., & Quinodoz, J. (2015). Melanie Klein and Marcelle Spira: their correspondence and context. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

▪ Pender, V. B. (2017). The status of women: violence, identity, and activism (Psychoanalysis and Women Series). London: Karnac Books Ltd.

▪ Tweedy, R. (2017). The political self: understanding the social context for mental illness. London: Karnac Books Ltd.


Digital Videos:

▪ House, J.; Katz, I. & Levin, M.(2017). Dialogues in Contemporary Psychoanalysis: The clinical implications of LaPlanche. San Francisco, SFCP Library. [Available in the library’s online audiovisual library]

▪ House, J.; Wilson, M. (2017). 2016-2017 Scientific Meetings: Après-Coup is essential to gender and infantile sexuality. San Francisco, CA: SFCP Library [Available in the library’s online audiovisual library]

Curious about features of the SFCP library’s electronic resources?

Want to know how to use digital psychoanalysis databases and use full-text retrieval to obtain just the article that you’ve been looking for? Want to give a boost to research or bibliographies you are constructing with the resources of the library?

On May 6th, from 1-2 pm, Eric Rosen, SFCP librarian, is holding a one hour information session to provide answers to these and other questions. It will follow the Psychoanalytic Dialogues to be held that morning.

▪ How to use the Koha Online Card Catalog System and how to make it work for you

▪ Learn about PEP and EZ-Proxy

▪ How to use e-journals and e-books

▪ How to use open searches of the web to find articles and websites about psychoanalytic topics

…and more!

This event is free and open to any interested member of the SFCP Community. This includes Students, Candidates, Community Members and Analyst Members. Please RSVP with Eric at [email protected] and you will be emailed the library’s user’s guide to whet your appetite and hopefully generate questions that Eric can answer at the meeting! After the meeting, feel free to schedule one-on-one training sessions, or phone help if you have additional questions about the SFCP Library.

Mali Mann, MD, gave a talk, Immigrant Parents of Children and Adolescents, at the Palo Alto JCC.



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