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News from the Child Colloquium Committee

News from the Child Colloquium Committee

by Sarah Stadler, MD, and Jacqueline Ward, PhD, Co - Chairs


News from the Curriculum Committee

News from the Curriculum Committee

by Karim Dajani, PsyD, MFT, Curriculum Committee, Writing Project


The Book Club Project

The Curriculum Committee is introducing a new venue for presenting our members’ written work. Our aim is to create a convivial format whereby members and attendees can meet to discuss a piece of writing in a group of 12-15 people.

We encourage newly-minted members to present their graduating papers to the public through this forum. We encourage all other members to consider using the Book Club Project as a venue for presenting their written work. Karim Dajani and Deborah Weisinger will kick off the effort by presenting their graduating papers in March of this year.

Curriculum Committee News: Graduation Paper Presentations

Curriculum Committee News

To: SFCP Community
Re: Graduation Paper Presentations
Date: Fall 2015

Dear SFCP Community,

The curriculum committee is working on establishing a process that enables newly minted members to present their graduation papers. We wanted to share some of our deliberations to inform and solicit ideas for consideration as we work on finalizing a structure.

We discussed a twofold aim for this project. The first is concrete — establish a reliable process and venue for graduating members to present their final papers. The second is cultural — encourage more involvement with each other’s ideas and interests. Formalizing a process that welcomes graduating candidates to disclose aspects of their thinking, work and identity is likely to affect our culture in positive ways; at the very least it will increase familiarity and involvement with one another’s work and thinking.

Faculty Committee News

Faculty Committee News

by Elizabeth Biggart, PhD


SFCP would like to welcome Karen Peoples, PhD, to the faculty. Dr. Peoples was recently appointed to the Adjunct Faculty. Her teaching interests include social trauma, narcissism, developmental perspectives on empathy, uncanny states in clinical experience, and incest trauma.

Membership Division News

Membership Division News

by Meryl J. Botkin, PhD, Chair


By now, we have all had our fill of turkey and are preparing for the next series of holidays: Chanukah, Christmas and New Years. This year, as all the years, flew by quickly. This fall we had had a full plate (in keeping with the metaphor of Thanksgiving) of parties and programs; there’s much more to come next year when we celebrate 75 years of SFPI and SFCP with a grand gathering of all of our members at a location to be determined.

One of our new programs this year is Members Present. It is a forum for presenting work of our members that includes all manner of clinical, intellectual and experiential work; either a work completed or in progress. It is presented in an informal way so that there is lots of conversation between presenter and audience.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division News

By Beth Steinberg, PhD, Chair


Expanding Ourselves and Thinking About Race and Culture: Introduction to the Day With Program
November 14, 2015

SFCP Book Corner

SFCP Book Corner

by Mary Brady, PhD


This month we are reviving an old feature of the Newsletter—Book Corner—in which members are invited to share brief descriptions of their recent publications (i.e., books). Please feel free to share news of your work here (submit to Cathy Witzling and Lynda Connelly by the 26th of the month). We begin with a description of a new work by Mary Brady, PhD, published by Routledge Press.

Haskell Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis, 2015 - Scientific Meeting

Haskell Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis, 2015 - Scientific Meeting

by Charles P. Fisher, MD


Mark Solms, Ph.D.

At the October 12, 2015 Scientific Meeting of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, Professor Mark Solms was awarded the Haskell Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis. Stanley Steinberg, MD, presented the award on behalf of the Haskell Norman Committee. Dr. Solms' delivered a lecture entitled "What is a Mind? A Neuropsychoanalytic Approach." Charles Fisher, MD, served as moderator.

Child Colloquium Committee News

Child Colloquium Committee News

by Sarah Stadler, MD, Chair


Saturday, October 17, 10am - 12noon:
SFCP Child Colloquium hosts Dr. Stephanie Pass, PhD, presenting her paper,
“Tyler in the Labyrinth: A young child’s journey from chaos to coherence”.

The paper explores how psychoanalytic play therapy, including the exploration of a book of Greek myths, helped a four year old boy create a meaningful narrative from his chaotic and abusive early life. Dr. Pass describes the challenges of working in the intimate territory of early trauma, and helping a child to create his own story when the space between reality and pretend has collapsed.

SFCP Community Members Mentoring Proram

SFCP Community Members Mentoring Program


SFCP offers free mentoring from September 2015-June 2016 to Community Members who want to discuss developing as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, areas of theory that are of interest, or available resources and programs. Mentors meet one time per month with mentees for the academic year. We love to help you and hope you reach out!

Please visit the Community Members Mentoring Program webpage to apply for this program.

We hope to hear from you!

Holly Gordon, DMH, Hilary Foster, PhD and Sunny Kuegle, PsyD, Co-chairs


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