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VISITING PROFESSOR WEEK 2015: Featuring Dominique Scarfone, MD

Featuring Dominique Scarfone, MD


Faculty Committee News

Faculty Committee News

by Diane Donnelly, PhD, Chair, Faculty Appointment Subcommittee


SFCP would like to welcome Stephen H. Richmond, MD, PsyD, who was recently appointed. to the Adjunct faculty. His teaching interests include the relational implications of a model that views psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy as Applied Art.

Community Membership Update

Community Membership Update

By German Cheung, PsyD , Chair, Community Membership Committee


On behalf of the Community Membership Committee, I want to thank those of you who took the time to respond to our survey and provided your honest feedback. It was especially encouraging to know that you do consider SFCP your professional home. Your careful assessment of what our membership has been lacking was helpful for us to gauge how our committee would steer ourselves to serve you.

Change is coming.

Stay tuned.

Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program (PAPPTP) Two-Year Program

News from the PED

News from the PED

by William C. Glover, Chair PED


New Psychoanalytic Education Division Policy:
A Child or Adolescent Case can count for Adult Psychoanalytic Training

The PED has adopted the following policy to allow a child or adolescent case to count as one of the three cases re- quired in Adult Psychoanalytic Training. If you have questions please contact either the Dean, Mitch Wilson, the Chair of Progressions, Abby Wolfson, the Co-Chairs of the Child program, Marsha Silverstein and Tina Lapides, or myself.

A Tribute to Marshall Greene, MD

A Tribute to Marshall Greene, MD

by Herbert J. Weiner, PhD, MSW


Marshall A. Greene
A pillar/
loyal foundation
of the San Francisco

Institute and Center
for Psychoanalysis
Since 1973 I
have known you

as a man who
was tough/formidable
especially on

As a patient
would I be scared
of you? But there
was also a soft

sensitive Marshall
who had a heart
and compassion
You always

treated me
kindly with
respect and we
could swap notes

about presentations
and ideas At
80 plus years
you appeared

younger despite
your statement
of age Your
passing is

heavily saddening
You were a man
with integrity
and toughness for

Book Review of "The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment" by Beatrice Beebe, PhD and Frank M. Lachmann, PhD

Book Review of “The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment”
by Beatrice Beebe, PhD and Frank M. Lachmann, PhD

by Shahla Chehrazi, MD


The experience of reading about the process of intrapsychic disturbance as it develops in the infant mind inspired me; it is indeed powerful to almost visualize psychopathology as it is developing and being co-constructed in the mother/infant interaction. Beatrice Beebe and Frank Lachmann achieved the goal if making this come to life in their most recent Publication, The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment.

Membership Division News

Membership Division News

By Meryl J. Botkin, PhD, Chair Membership Division


Community Membership News

Community Membership News

by German Cheung, PsyD, Chair, Community Membership Committee


This past December, I had a chance to fly home to Hong Kong for my annual teaching assignment. Teaching aside, which I enjoy tremendously every year, it is my mother's cooking that I look forward to the most. She is not a Michelin-starred chef, does not use the most luxurious or exotic ingredients in her dishes, nor has the plating finesse that you see from home cooks on MasterChef, but somehow she always manages to prepare dishes that gratify both my palate and my soul. Even for the most ordinary dish—such as steamed spare ribs—my mother seems to have that magic touch to season and cook it just the right way and leaves everyone in the family satisfied.

This is home.

Faculty Committee News

Faculty Committee News

by Diane Donnelly, PhD


SFCP would like to welcome Michael D. Levin, PsyD, to the Associate Faculty. His teaching interests include psychoanalytic theories, case conferences, and electives featuring neighboring fields.


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