Library News - April 2014

SFCP Library News April, 2014

New Acquisitions and Additions to the Collection, January-April 2014

Compiled by Eric Rosen, Assistant Librarian
Selected by Alyson Barrett-Ryan, Library Director / Audiovisual Material processed by Eric Rosen


Askay, R. & et. Al. (2006). Apprehending the inaccessible: Freudian psychoanalysis and existential phenomenology. Evanston, IL: Northwestern Univ. Press.
Beebe, B. & Lachman, F. M. (2014). The origins of attachment: Infant research and adult treatment. New York: Routledge.
Bernstein, A. C. (1994). Flight of the stork: What children think (And when) about sex and family building. Indianapolis, IN: Perspectives Press.
Brandt, K.; Perry, B.D. & Et al. (2014) Infant and early childhood mental health: Core concepts and clinical practice. Washington, D.C.: APA Press.
Eizirik, Claudio (2014). A Day with Claudio Eizirik. The Analytic field: Bastions, surprise and movement. San Francisco: SFCP Library [2-DVD set]
Emde, R. N. & et. Al.  (2014). Early parenting: the prevention of disorder. London, UK: Karnac Books.
Erlich, H. S. (2013). The couch in the marketplace. London, UK: Karnac Books.
Feldstein, R. Et al. (1995). Reading Seminar XI: Lacan’s Four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis. New York: SUNY Press.
Fiorini, L. G. (2010). On Freud’s ‘Femininity’. London, UK: Karnac Books.
J. David Frankel Memorial Committee (2013). Poetry and psychoanalysis: David J. Frankel memorial lecture. San Francisco: SFCP Library [1 DVD]
Giscombe, C.S. (2014). Poetry & Psychoanalysis 2013-2014 presents C.S. Giscombe. Interviewed by Susan Kolodny. San Francisco: SFCP Library [1 DVD]
Gurevich, H. (2014). Dialogues in contemporary psychoanalysis 2013-14: On the psychoanalytic mother: Making the absence present. San Francisco: SFCP Library [1 DVD]
Kennedy, R. (2014). The Psychic home. London, UK: Karnac Books.
King, R. (2013) The psychoanalytic study of the child, Volume 66. New Haven, CT: Yale Univ. Press.
Krasny, Michael & Et. Al. (2014). SFCP/NCSPP Present: Untying the K(Not). San Francisco: SFCP Library [2 DVD set]
Levine, H. B. & Brown, L. (2013). Growth and turbulence in the container/contained: Bion’s continuing legacy. New York: Routledge.
M’Uzan, M. (2013). Death and identity: Being and the psycho-sexual drama. London: Karnac Books.
Miller, P. (2014). Driving soma. London, UK: Karnac Books. [forthcoming]
Milner, M. (2011). A Life of one’s own. New York: Routledge.
Scharff, D. & et Al. (2014). Fairbairn and the object relations tradition. London, UK: Karnac Books. [forthcoming]
Stolorow, R. (2007). Trauma and human existence. New York: Routledge.
Szajnberg, N. M. (2013). Sheba & Solomon’s return: Ethiopian children in Israel. s.l.: s.n.
Tubert-Oklander, J. (2014). The one and the many: Relational psychoanalysis and group analysis.  London, UK: Karnac Books.
Williams, M. H. (2011). Adolescence: Talks and papers by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris. London: Karnac Books.
Winnicott, D. W. (1931). Clinical notes on disorders of childhood. London, UK: William Heinemann.

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