SFCP Safety Protocols

SFCP Safety Protocols

by Jeff Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Suspects look for crimes of opportunity and certain personal safety measures can be followed to minimize your chances of becoming a victim. On the street and entering or leaving the building these are:

  • Do not leave the door to the building propped open.
  • Prevent tailgating by closing the door behind you when entering or leaving.
  • Be vigilant of suspicious persons. Let the SFCP staff know if a suspicious person is seen loitering outside.
  • Travel in groups whenever possible, especially at night.
  • Avoid poorly-lit or deserted areas when walking at night.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings; avoid headphone and cell phone use when walking or waiting alone.
  • If you are walking to your car, keep your car keys easily accessible, preferably in your hand.
  • If you feel you are being followed, go into an open business like the Tempest and ask for help.
  • Keep emergency numbers (see below) pre-programmed into your cell phone.
  • If you are faced with demands for your money or property, especially from an armed subject, comply with their demands in the interest of your safety.

In the building follow the following protocol if someone dangerous has gained access:

  • Stay calm and think clearly about your best route to avoid contact.
  • The disabled accessible lavatories on the first floor have very secure doors that can be locked from the inside. Lock yourself in and call the office on your cell phone.
  • Move quickly to the closest door to the upper floors, there is a door at both ends of the building. The doors are propped open with the locks engaged.
  • Try to assure that everyone is through close the door and proceed to the office.
  • Use a land-line to call 911.

If you feel you or others are in immediate danger call:

  • 911 from a land-line or 415-553-8090 from your cell phone
  • In non-emergency situations call the SF Police at 415-553-0123

If you have concerns about a specific homeless person – inebriation, drug use, sleeping on street, etc. you should call:

  • The Homeless Outreach Team at 415-734-4233
    (24 hour dispatch line / 30 minute average response time)
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