SFCP Business Meeting June 2013

SFCP Business Meeting June 2013

by Robin Deutsch, Ph.D.

The academic year seems to come and go in quite a flurry. We are at the end of our first year in our new building. Last year at the business meeting, we had raised half the amount of funds we needed and now we have brought our capital campaign to a successful conclusion. It seems such a short time ago that I was addressing this meeting as President-elect, about to be President and now I have completed the second of my three-year term. Within the past month, we held two graduations: one for our psychoanalytic candidates and the second, just last Saturday, for the graduates of our two adult psychoanalytic training programs. I’d like to bring you up to date on Management Team issues. The Management Team meets monthly to review and plan for the functioning of the Center. I’d like to highlight a few of this year’s decisions:

The Faculty Committee, Psychoanalytic Education Division and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division collaborated on the development of a coherent plan for faculty selection for teaching. The Faculty Committee is offering consultation to faculty focusing on the development of teaching skills; the Applied Psychoanalysis, Academic and Research Division has changed their criteria for funding research. Any member, graduate or candidate analyst member or community member may apply to the Research Committee for a research grant. If selected, the grantee will be asked to present his or her research here at the Center. The application is on our website. The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Division is very modest in letting the community know of their successes: at this moment, there are about 100 students enrolled in the programs that are offered. PAPPTP is offering a fellowship year prior to the two-year training program and a 3rd year after training is completed. The San Francisco program is offering a year to those applicants who are waiting to begin the program and has initiated a 3rd year for those who have recently graduated from the program. Just to give you an idea, there are 24 new trainees beginning in the SF program, and 7 or 8 beginning in the Palo Alto Program. The PED is getting ready for one day of classes beginning this coming fall. Laurie Case, Curriculum Chair, has been asked to consult to the NY Psychoanalytic on curricular issues. Membership Services has completed a comprehensive survey of how committees select members. The Management Team is working toward a recommendation of a uniform policy about selection of committee chairs and members. As a first step, we will be requesting that all committee chairs wishing to fill an opening list the position in the newsletter. The Outreach committee has continued to sponsor a number of programs, such as, Poetry and Psychoanalysis, and Opera on the Couch. They are currently thinking about a program on Psychoanalysis and the environment. Administration has put some new policies and procedures into place. Trainees and candidates must either pay their tuition or arrange a payment plan by the time class starts. If a payment plan is not in place, the trainee or candidate will not be permitted to start classes. The office established a schedule for receiving faculty syllabi for reader production. If you’ve got questions about this, please contact Lynda or Jeff. The office has also established a production calendar so that programming deadlines can be tracked to assure timely distribution of public relations material and CE applications.

During the academic year, I established 4 Task forces:

  1. Task Force on Distance Learning: pending findings
  2. Task Force on Tuition and Fees: pending findings
  3. Task Force on Group Process: primary recommendation as been the establishment of an on-going Committee on Group Process
  4. Task Force on the Low and Moderate Fee referral service: this committee is addressing the structure of low and moderate fee referral service.
    Findings are pending

These are but a few of the actions taken during this academic year. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me.

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