Meet some of the 2013 - 2014 PAPPTP Fellowship Year Students

Meet some of the 2013-2014 PAPPTP Fellowship Year Students
2013-14 PAPPTP Fellowship Year Biographies


Candice Simon
I am an MFT intern living in Palo Alto. I am preparing to submit my hours to qualify for the MFT license exam. I use various therapeutic modalities according to each client's situation, but I believe psychoanalytic therapy is the most important basis to start from.

Sophie Yost, M.A
In 2004 I began my clinical training in various settings including Adolescent Counseling Services, Family and Children Services, El Camino Hospital, and Stanford University. Today, I am in private practice in Palo Alto and work at Stanford University's Faculty and Staff Help Center. My interest in psychoanalytic thinking and practice dates back more than a decade. Today, helped by psychoanalytic talks, classes, and papers, my work is increasingly incorporating psychoanalytic ideas as I counsel adults and couples.

Katie Aafjes van Doorn, PhD
I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in Oxford, UK last fall and moved to Palo Alto to be with my husband, who studied at Stanford. Although our formal training in psychoanalytic theory was minimal I have taken a specialist internship in short term dynamic psychotherapy (experiential dynamic therapy). I have been inspired by the work of David Malan, Susan Warshaw, Leigh McCullough, John Frederickson, and others. Currently without a work visa I am not allowed to practice in California.

Shannon Rogers, MFTI
I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. I hold a BA in Film Studies from UC Berkeley and an MA in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I currently work with a variety of patients in a private practice model internship at Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, a non-profit agency in Oakland. In addition to my private practice work, I am a counselor in CSU East Bay’s Student Health and Counseling Services department where I do individual and couples work with students. Some of my clinical interests are attachment, relational work, somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma, dream work, and treatment of anxiety and depression. I am thrilled about this opportunity to learn more about psychoanalytic work and to become a part of the SFCP community.

Julia Langkamp
I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist from Germany living in Palo Alto since September 2012. My husband is a postdoc at Stanford, and I am a "stay-at-home-mum" with a 14 month old son and haven't been working in the US. In Germany, I used to work in a praxis [practice] as well as a clinic for drug and alcohol addicted people. Missing work and liking to think about psychoanalytic topics, I signed up for the Fellowship year.

Diane Wood
I've been in private practice as a MFT since 1999. I see mostly adults, couples and older teens. My office is in San Jose, and I live in Los Altos. Before that I worked for a non-profit, which focused on attachment issues in teens and adults. I'm currently interested in working with trauma from an attachment perspective.

Elaine Lu
I'm in the final months of my PGYIV year of Psychiatry training. I will graduate December 2013 and join Kaiser Santa Teresa's Psychiatry department in a primarily psychopharmacology role. While I am excited about this position, I have really enjoyed learning about psychotherapeutic techniques and working over the last few years with my supervisors who are analysts (Michael Smith, Mali Mann, Neil Brast). I am really interested in psychoanalytic ideas and considering a psychotherapy practice in the future. In the meanwhile as I work as Psychiatrist, I hope to stay connected to the psychoanalytic community.

Luciane de Mello
I am a community based therapist working with early intervention in psychosis. I first worked with early intervention in psychosis in Brazil, where I began to study and apply psychodynamic theories while working with clients in a short term inpatient unit and an outpatient unit. I am passionate about my work with adolescents and young adults and deeply interested in developing my knowledge of psychoanalysis."

Goolrukh Vakil
I am a late entry into psychology. With my first Master’s degree in Immunology (University of Michigan). I conducted medical research at Stanford for about 10 years in my late 20’s. In Mumbai, India, I set-up a new tissue culture laboratory—one of its first kind in India in those days—and produced antiserum for human kidney transplants about ten years ago, I went back to school for psychology studies, starting with my Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the now-defunct and then-infamous New College of California in San Francisco. There, I was introduced to feminist and
gender studies, and postcolonial and oppression psychology. This was an eye-opener, making me sensitive to social issues and societal norms and biases. I finished my PhD in Psychology with a Transpersonal Orientation, graduating from Sofia University in Palo Alto in 2012. My PhD thesis was on unusual religious and spiritual experiences of women immigrants from India. At the same time, I was a MFT intern at The Transitional Center in Palo Alto where I conducted group, psycho-educational, and individual therapy with severely disabled and mentally ill patients, the Ravenswood
School District in East Palo Alto and CHAC in Mountain View where I counseled elementary school children; and a short stint at the YWCA in Monterey.

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