SFCP 2013 Election and Candidates Statements

SFCP Analyst Members and Candidates, last month, everyone should have received a ballot for this year’s election. The ballot includes three candidates: one position of President-Elect and two positions of Analyst-at-Large on our Board of Trustees. If you have already voted, thank you! If not, please send in your ballot by June 14, 2013. Below are the candidates’ statements.

Michael Donner, Ph.D.
Although running unopposed, I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself as a candidate for President-Elect.

SFCP is a vibrant and thriving professional community. The many changes over the last few years have brought challenges but SFCP has emerged from them as a vital resource for analytic thought and ideas. For SFCP to remain in the forefront, we must remain strong and effective as an organization. Analytic ideals and understanding can infuse our organizational ideals, but SFCP can also make good use of those disciplines that study systems and organizations. To continue to thrive as a Psychoanalytic Center, we must also thrive as a psychoanalytic organization.

I was first introduced to SFPI in the early 90’s through the first year long extension programs. Not yet ready to enter training, I participated in a wide range of the Institute’s year long and the two year child and adolescent program. I became a candidate in 2005 and graduated in 2010. I have had a long interest in organizational work, beginning with my training in the EAP at Wells Fargo Bank. I served as a candidate and now analyst member of the SFCP Ethics and Impairment Committee and for the last two years with Mitch Wilson and Peter Goldberg as a co-chair of the Faculty Committee.

Along the way, I have been very involved in the leadership of the California Psychological Association. For eight years I chaired the CPA Ethics Committee and am now currently the Chair of the Division of Clinical and Professional Practice and CPA’s Section on Psychoanalysis. I have also spent the last two years on a Task Force that recently submitted and won approval from the Board of Directors for a new governance model. This will allow a reorganized Board to function more effectively and with greater flexibility while saving considerable financial and personnel resources.

SFCP is my professional home. My role at CPA has helped me to develop and hone my organizational abilities, enhanced by my identity as an analyst. I brought my analytic ideas and ideals to my work at CPA, and I now hope to bring my organizational training to SFCP.

I hope that I will have your support in my efforts to serve these ideas and ideals as President-Elect and President of SFCP.

Karen Mary Johnson, M.D.
I am a candidate for the position of Analyst-at-Large Trustee of the SFCP Board. During my tenure at the Center I have served in the following capacities, among others: Chair of the Membership and Nominating Committee, President-Elect of SFPI&S 1994-96, President of SFPI&S 1996-98 ( this involved functioning as Chair of the Board of Trustees) Past President of SFPI&S 1998-2000, Program Committee, Research Committee, Extension Division Committee, Coordinator of Site Visit by APsaA and ACPE in 2011, Board Trustee serving out the remaining year of the former President of SFCP.

L. Eileen Keller, Ph.D.
I served as Member-at-Large on the Board of SFCP from 2001-2004. I served as the Chair of the Child Development Program from 2004 - 2011. In addition to teaching for SFCP, I am currently serving on the Curriculum Committee and on the Task Force for Group Process. My prior SFCP Board experience was valuable and I look forward to serving our large and complex community again in the capacity of Member-At-Large.

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