Report From Safety and Security Committee - December 15, 2013

Report From Safety and Security Committee
December 15, 2013

by Karen Johnson, MD


  • After a consultation with a security professional, the following changes were made:
    • The front door opening mechanism has been changed so the door does not open automatically. Instead, the lock releases with an audible click so that the person entering can open the door and immediately close it behind them.
    • Additional exterior lighting has been installed. One of the three halogen lights is located at the parking lot side of the building to augment the lighting already provided by neighboring businesses.
    • CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor the street in both directions. They are motion activated and the images from the cameras are recorded on a DVR inside the building. An additional camera is mounted in the entry and give staff the ability it see who is requesting access.
  • The parking lot next door is now open evenings and on weekends. It costs $10 in the evening to park; $15 during the day. The parking lot management has been notified that there have been occasions when the ticket machine appeared inoperative. It is important that the instructions on the machine be followed exactly.
  • An incident report form has been created and will be posted and available for download on our website, pending approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • A Safety Protocol has been devised and will be publicized again.
  • A three-month trial period of having a security guard has been completed. The Committee and the Board of Trustees will discuss options for having someone man the door on Fridays, evenings and weekends when there are classes or meetings scheduled.
  • SFCP has joined the Mid-Market Development District, which is already working to solve the problems in the area. Jeff Miller will attend their next board meeting.
  • The classrooms have landlines and locks on the doors.


  • The City of San Francisco has plans to upgrade the alley streets including Natoma Street this includes repaving,planting trees and installing new sidewalks.
  • In coordination with the Public Outreach Committee, a meeting (likely in February or March) will be held for our membership, all neighboring businesses, and residents, to meet to discuss what more can be done going forward to improve security.
  • A workshop on enhancing one’s personal safety will be rescheduled, if there is enough interest.
  • An on-line discussion group will be started so members can discuss their views and make suggestions. What ever comes out of the discussion will be considered by the SSC and presented to the Board of Trustees as needed.
  • A survey will be circulated to determine the security priorities of the membership as well as to gather reactions to what has been done so far.
  • We will look into modifying the entryway of the SFCP building so that someone can see the doorway directly to better monitor activity at the door.
  • We will consider adding CCTV cameras inside the building.
  • We will have a follow-up consultation with a security professional
  • Members of the Board of Trustees will attend the Candidates’ Retreat to learn directly how the candidates feel about what has been done and what is planned, as well as to gather suggestions.

Please call or email Karen M. Johnson, MD with any comments or questions:
Phone: (650) 325-8680

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