News from the Child Analysis Congress: January 13 &14, 2014, Waldorf Astoria, New York City

News from the Child Analysis Congress
January 13 &14, 2014, Waldorf Astoria, New York City

by Mali Mann, MD, Chair of North American Committee of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis (NA-COCAP)


As an attempt to follow up with the formation of the BOPS Subcommittee on an integrated Child/ Adolescent/ Adult Curriculum, the first child Congress was organized on Jan13-14 before the APsaA Winter meeting. Dr. Charles Park opened the conference on the afternoon of Jan13, discussing the mandate that was aimed at developing an integrated child/ adolescent/adult curriculum, which institutes affiliated with APsaA can use as a model for facilitating child and adolescent psychoanalytic training. Such an integrated curriculum helps candidates to train simultaneously in both child and adult analysis. It would promote the practice of child and adolescent psychoanalysis through candidates’ exposure to the value of child work.

Currently, the complexity of an integrated curriculum and the need for a paradigmatic shift are being examined. Integration has proven to be a complex process, which creates a variety of feelings between child and adult analysts. The small group discussions were found to be very helpful. The summary of each discussion group was shared at the plenary meeting.

There were six special interest work sessions under the following headings:

  1. Approaches to Community Outreach as Part of Building a Child Practice.
  2. Barriers, Internal and External, to Effective Teaching and Learning About Parent Work.
  3. Child and Adolescent Analysis and the Widening Scope: The Future of Our Profession.
  4. Distance Learning: Advantages, Challenges, and “ Nuts and Bolts.”
  5. Establishing a Child Psychoanalytic Clinic in Local Institutes.
  6. Teaching and Learning about the Child Analyst’s Rolein Consultation, Evaluation, and Case Development.

At the final Congress plenary, the small group leaders and representatives shared the summary of their small discussion groups. There was agreement between the various groups that more outreach is needed in order to help child and adolescent psychoanalysis. There was a consensus that each of participants would take these shared ideas to his or her own respective Centers and Institutes to promote child analysis and to build a solid sense of professional identity.


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SFCP Child Colloquium Series

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dr. Anne Alvarez is an internationally renown analytic clinician, whose pioneering work with severely disturbed children has led to the publication of two unique books, Live Company and The Thinking Heart. In these volumes, we see the development of both theoretical and technical ideas about working with, and understanding, patients who are not reachable by traditional psychoanalytic approaches. Alvarez has been acclaimed by adult, as well as child, analysts for her innovative perspective.

The Ann Martin Center
1375 55th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

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