Position opening for analyst members: Chair, Low Fee Referral Service

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Position opening for analyst members: Chair, Low Fee Referral Service


The low fee referral service is seeking a new chair. The low fee service has been chaired by Linda Bartlett PhD, who is ready to step down and we would like to find someone to continue to run this important service offered by SFCP. The position would be a three year commitment, and the primary function would be to screen and evaluate patients for psychoanalysis and make referrals to candidates or other members. The chair will need to coordinate with the South and East Bay committee members who will also make referrals. The chair will appoint new committee members as needed. There is currently a task force which is delineating and clarifying the roles and functions of the members and chair of the low fee referral service service. The new chair would have the benefit of the input and final report of the task force. We very much would like to increase the visibility of the low fee service not only in the community but among our membership.

We hope to have a new chair by the end of May 2014. The appointment process will take a few months.

If you are interested, contact Catherine Mallouh M.D. by phone or email.
Tel: 415-750-1713
E-mail: cmmallouh@yahoo.com

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