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Tickling The Unconscious

Robin Deutsch, PhD and Dorin S. Newton, PhD, Co-Chairs

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Listen and talk with a psychoanalyst about different escapes from reality, while enjoying drinks, snacks, and browsing East Bay Booksellers.

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Program Title: Am I awake or asleep? Dreaming our everyday life
Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Time: 06:30pm - 08:00pm
Presenter: Michael Donner, PhD
Moderators: Robin Deutsch, PhD and Dorian S. Newton, PhD
Location: East Bay Booksellers
5433 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
(2 blocks south of the Rockridge Bart Station)
Program Fee: Free

Michael Donner, PhDThe movie “Occurrence at Owl Creek” tells the story of a soldier about to be hung and his miraculous escape, only to learn (spoiler alert) that he was dreaming at the moment of his death. From the confusion between dreaming and reality that sometimes occurs when waking, to the conviction in waking life that something happened in reality that we only dreamt, our discussion will be about the experience of dreaming while awake, the incorporation of dream states into our everyday life.

Michael Donner, PhD is a psychoanalyst and clinical and forensic psychologist in Oakland. He is the immediate past-president of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis and the moderator of the East Bay Psychotherapy Forum.