Welcome to Our New Psychotherapy Students

Welcome to Our New Psychotherapy Students

This year SFCP has the pleasure of welcoming twenty-four new candidates to our Center. What follows is a very brief statement of introduction by each of them.

Steven Allison, M.D., found that exposure to psychotherapy and mindfulness practice helped shifted his interest to mind-brain science after graduating from Stanford with a degree in earth systems, spending two research seasons in Antarctica, and a year as a high school biology teacher. He joined the UCSF Memory and Aging Center where he used neuroimaging to map brain-behavior relationships in dementia patients. From there, he went to medical school and psychiatry residency, both at UCSF. Now as a fourth year resident, he remains connected to neuroscience through Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) work with patients, but ultimately he has found working directly with his patients’ subjective experience through psychotherapy to be one of the most rewarding parts of his training.

Emilie Bhe, M.D., is currently in her fourth and final year of residency training in the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry.  She is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, went to undergraduate at Duke University, attended medical school at UC Davis, and stayed for residency.  She is interested in psychoanalytic training after observing the potential impact of dynamic therapy on patients during her 3rd year of residency. She finds the concepts and experiences to be intellectually fascinating, emotionally resonant, and rewarding.  She is looking forward to starting PPTP and expanding her perspective to incorporate new and different points of view.

Daniela Carollo, Ph.D., received her PhD in clinical psychology and is in the process of becoming licensed.  She has a private practice in Hayes Valley and works at an outpatient clinic for eating disorders.  Since beginning her training, she has been intrigued with psychoanalytic concepts and specifically how they are applied in community and cross-cultural settings.  She is excited to begin the PPTP program to help make deeper connections with her patients and to have a community with which she can share my work.

Mara Dubey, M.F.T.I., is a recent graduate of CIIS and is currently working as a therapist at The Integral Counseling Center at Pierce St. where she sees individuals and couples.  Her interest in psychoanalytic thinking began in graduate school and continues to be ‘brought to life’ within her clinical work.  She finds the most meaning and depth in working through a contemporary analytic lens.  She is also interested in horticulture therapy and the way in which psychoanalytic thinking can be embodied using ecological metaphors.

Carley Earnshaw, M.F.T., studied queer and feminist theory during her undergraduate years She became interested in psychoanalytic thinking during her graduate training at New College of California. She currently has a private practice working with individual adults in the Inner Sunset. She also works at Edgewood Center for Children and Families.

Elise Geltman, L.C.S.W., has a private practice in Oakland in addition to being a Clinician and Training Supervisor at Westcoast Children's Clinic. Elise studied psychodynamic clinical social work at Smith College and is interested in applying psychoanalytic thinking in varied settings and with diverse populations. Elise is drawn to psychoanalytic theory for its capacity for intrigue, creativity, and play.  

Helena Hart, M.D., M.P.H., is currently a fourth year psychiatry resident in the UC Davis Psychiatry residency program.  She received her undergraduate degree with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and minor in Neuroscience. After graduating from college, she landed in the tech world, working for a computer-aided design software company. After 3 years working in that field, she served in the Peace Corps as a Rural Community Health volunteer in Benin, West Africa for 2 years.  She then came back to the US and got her Master's in Public Health.  She found her way back on the path to medicine and graduated from UCSF with her MD in 2010. Her interest in psychotherapy blossomed in her third year of residency when she began to appreciate the dynamics at play in individuals' lives that so greatly impact their mental health and overall well-being. She is excited to begin PPTP to help enhance her therapeutic skills and make her a more effective provider for her patients.

James Henry, M.D., came to San Francisco for psychiatry residency in 2010.  He received his BA in Psychology from Harvard University, and his medical degree from the University of California San Diego.  As a research track resident at UCSF, James is conducting a clinical trial to test smartphone-based mindfulness training for chronic pain.  He is drawn to psychoanalytic thinking to better understand the building blocks of therapeutic presence.

Sara Heron, M.D., was born and raised in San Diego. She did her undergraduate training at Yale, where she majored in psychology, followed by medical training at Case Western Reserve University. She completed her adult psychiatry residency at UCSF and her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Stanford. Prior to training, she thought she would spend her career on an inpatient unit or as a consult psychiatrist in a hospital setting, but was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked doing therapy. She has particular interests in working with adolescent females with depression, teenage mothers, and patients with prodromal schizophrenia, and she also enjoys doing couples therapy and group therapy.  She recently started her first job in "the real world," working for Bay Area Children's Association in San Jose and she loves it!

Ben Hidy, M.D., is a fourth year psychiatry resident at UC Davis Medical Center.  He is originally from Oklahoma, and obtained his MD degree from the University of Oklahoma.  He moved to California for residency and became interested in psychoanalytic thinking during his outpatient psychiatry year and didactics.  He is excited to join PPTP and see where this opportunity will lead.

Michael Haberecht, M.D., has been a psychiatrist at Stanford University for nearly two decades.  He is currently the Associate Director for Clinical Services at the university counseling center. Trained as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, he has developed an expertise in working with college-aged students within complex community systems.  He also has a part-time private practice in Menlo Park where he works with adults with a variety of presenting issues; his specialties include sexual identity, individuation from family and community, as well as phase of life problems. He approaches his work from a depth perspective with psychoanalytic underpinnings.

Alice Huang, M.D., MS., is in her last year of training in general adult psychiatry at UCSF. She came to be interested in psychotherapy during her psychiatry residency through a roundabout path that included prior studies in cognitive science, sociology, and public health. Her current interests include psychotherapy, collaborative mental health care in primary care, geriatrics, Asian-American populations, dystopian literature, and poetry.

Elona Michele Marrus, M.F.T., came to realize through her own exploration in psychotherapy that with some understanding of her behavior and thinking, she could make changes in her life, her emotional states and her behavior. It was after this (albeit rather late in life) that she sought an MFT with the hope of being able to work with other people in this area. The bit of theoretical material she has learned made her curious for more and the PPTP seems like it will be an excellent place. Her background in theatre has been very helpful in that both psychotherapy and theatre share a need and importance for 'active listening.'

Anna Molofsky, M.D., Ph.D., became interested in psychoanalytic thinking during her psychiatry residency at UCSF. She also had both of her children during that time, and watching them develop really brought these concepts to life for her (not all of them: "bad breast," for example, still does not speak to her!)  She has an MD as well as a PhD in cell and molecular biology. She currently divides her time between basic science research in brain development and a small group of psychotherapy patients. She is looking forward to deepening her psychotherapy practice through the PPTP. 

Senadhi Parakrama, Psy.D.,is a recent graduate of the Wright Institute where he obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology. He currently works full time doing inpatient and outpatient work for a drug and alcohol rehab center in Sonoma county. He also sees a few private practice patients in Oakland and San Rafael and has a long-term child case through the "A Home Within Program."

Kelsey Parker, M.F.T.I., currently splits her time as a therapist at the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street, where she works with a variety of patients in a private practice setting, and as the clinic manager for The Well Clinic, an integrative psychiatry and psychotherapy clinic.  Her interest in psychoanalytic thinking began with her undergraduate studies of visual communications and critical theory at New York University, but she didn't fully recognize it as such at the time!  The combination of certain coursework and community in graduate school as well as the development of her personal analysis has truly fostered her interest in this shared language.  She is thrilled to further her training at SFCP and is hoping to find more community among her peers in PPTP.

Erick Rizzotto, M.D.,worked as a graphic designer in New York for many years until returning to school at State University of New York in Syracuse to complete a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2010. His interest in the connection between the physiological and the psychological led him to pursue a residency in psychiatry at California Pacific Medical Center for its emphasis on psychotherapy training. He continues to be intrigued by psychoanalytic thinking, in particular as it informs a psychodynamic approach to  theraphy.

Jacob Sacks, M.D., grew up in Seattle, and then his medical training took him to Denver and then to New York where he spent four years working at Bellevue Hospital as a psychiatry resident at NYU.  There he developed an interest in psychoanalysis as well as public and emergency psychiatry. He completed the UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship in June 2013 and now works part time as an attending in the Psych ER at SFGH in addition to supervising 1st year residents. He is excited to start private practice and further develop his interest in psychoanalysis!  He is also interested in the fashion, food, concert, and yoga scenes in San Francisco.

Sweta Shah, M.D.’s interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy started over a decade ago at her first job out of college as a domestic violence  counselor. There she was fortunate to work with many seasoned clinicians whose insight into unconscious processes fascinated her. She graduated from U.C. Davis School of Medicine in 2008 and completed her psychiatric residency at California Pacific Medical Center, where her interest in psychoanalytic theory and practice was further fostered, just last year. For the past few months she has been working with patients in private practice and she is very excited for the opportunity to further develop her clinical acumen and collaborate on clinical cases with colleagues at SFCP. 

Sara Sheriff, M.D., is a recent graduate of CPMC's Psychiatric Residency Training Program and a soon-to-be practicing psychiatrist. She chose CPMC in large part because of its focus on psychodynamic training but did not realize the extent to which psychoanalytic principles can be applied to and permeate nearly every therapeutic encounter. Now, as the mother of two small children, she also appreciates in a new way the profound influence of early childhood experience and the power of unconscious drives in dictating behavior.

Robyn L. Stukalin, M.S., L.C.S.W., has been working in community behavioral health and medical programs in San Francisco (Westside Crisis and Outpatient Clinic, UCSF, SFDPH) since completing her MA in Counseling and her MSW at SF State in 1998. Since 2001 she has been working at Tom Waddell Health Center with adults impacted by trauma and addiction and also extensively with trans and gender non-conforming people. She looks forward to deepening her understanding of psychoanalysis to bring to both her public sector and private practice work. 

Elizabeth Sullivan, M.F.T., has a degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies and also trained in 2012-2013 at the Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program Fellowship Year. She writes for several blogs on psychotherapy matters including "Psyched in San Francisco" and "Psychotherapy.net," and she is part of the team putting together Senti, a new app for personal emotion-tracking. She has a private practice in San Francisco, specializing in the problems of mothers and parent couples

Andrew Sussman, M.S.W., attended Smith School for Social Work and trained at McAuley Institute, Oakes Children's Center and Kaiser Psychiatry. Currently he is in private practice under supervision of a psychologist and one of his interests is psychoanalytic approaches to substance use and addiction.  When not in the office he spends time rock climbing, cycling, sharing food and friendship.

Jade Zapata, M.D., Jade Zapata, MD is currently a fourth year psychiatry resident at California Pacific Medical Center.  She is originally from Arizona and was excited to move to San Francisco for residency training. Prior to that, she attended Arizona State University and then earned her medical degree from the University of Arizona.  Her psychotherapy training and work with patients at CPMC has sparked her interest and desire to learn more about analytically oriented.


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