Psychoanalytic Education Division Policies & Procedures Manual

Psychoanalytic Education Division
Policies & Procedures Manual

The PED is very pleased to announce that the completely updated Policies & Procedures Manual is now available in the Member’s Section of the website.

The new Manual is the result of 6 years of hard work by a committee chaired by Zoe Grusky, outgoing PED Secretary, with members Phyllis Cath, Sam Chase, Chuck Fisher, Mary Margaret McClure and, for the past year, Bill Glover.  The long serving committee members have done SFCP a great service.

The Manual conveys not only the policies but the philosophy that guides psychoanalytic training at SFCP. Committee member Sam Chase describes the history and function of the Policies & Procedures Manual.

“Historically the Education Committee was not very good at keeping track of changes in the Policies & Procedures Manual. Changes were made at EC Meetings on a frequent basis and recorded in the minutes, but there was no mechanism of entering the Policies & Procedures changes into the Manual. Over time the Manual became more and more out of date. One EC member was asked to try to assemble all the changes in policy noted in the EC minutes over the previous ten years.

In 2007, with the change in organization from an Institute and Society to a Center, the Psychoanalytic Education Division set in motion a procedure to not only update the P&P Manual to be consistent with this structural change, but also to incorporate the changes that had been noted in the EC minutes but had not been incorporated in the P&P Manual.  The following six years was spent by the newly formed Policies & Procedures Committee to develop a newly revised and up to date Policies & Procedures Manual. 

It was clear from the past experience of the EC that unless a procedure for incorporating ongoing changes in PED policy was developed, in no time this “up to date” P&P Manual would soon once again be out of date.  Therefore, such a procedure was set in place; namely, the Chair of Policies & Procedures Committee would keep track of policy changes as they occurred in PED meetings, and in addition on a regular basis would invite the PED subcommittee chairs to submit in writing their suggestions for policy changes for their committees.  The P&P Chair would call periodic meetings of the P&P Committee [for example every three/four months] to go over the changes and incorporate the accepted changes into the Manual. Those changes suggested by the PED subcommittee chairs for their committees would first have to be approved by the PED and then incorporated.  This procedure would allow the up to date P&P Manual to stay reasonably up to date going forward.”  

Going forward Zoe Grusky has agreed to continue on as Co-Chair of the Policies & Procedures Committee along with Bill Glover, PED Chair, to oversee the ongoing work of keeping the Manual current.  Now that the Manual is on-line everyone will have the current version at their fingertips. The Table of Contents is linked to the relevant sections of the manual and there are hyperlinks within the document for easy reference between related sections. We hope this will make the Manual a user friendly experience.

The Committee has worked diligently to make the Manual accurate and consistent but undoubtedly we missed some things. If you spot an error or bug please bring it to the attention of Zoe or Bill. There are some sections of the Manual that are under review by the PED and those are noted and indicated in red type. Major changes in policy will continue to be announced as well as incorporated in the Manual.

Bill Glover, Chair PED, Co-Chair PED Policies & Procedures Committee

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