New Task Force on Developing a Psychoanalytic Program for Primary care Physicians and Nurses

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New Task Force on Developing a Psychoanalytic Program for Primary care Physicians and Nurses

Under the auspices of the Community Outreach and Services Division, we are setting up a task force to establish a series of psychoanalytic seminars for primary care physicians and nurses. We are interested in members who have experience with developing new programs and familiarity with the challenges within primary care health setting. To ensure an effective group, participation in the task force will be limited to 12 to 15 members. The first meeting will be held at SFCP this fall in early October.

Most primary care physicians and nurses are not yet aware of the many ways psychoanalytic concepts and approaches can be helpful to them and their patients. The seminars will provide knowledge, techniques, and experience that the health care providers can use to better understand the doctor/nurse-patient relationship and its impact on treatment, psychiatric illnesses, psychosomatic illnesses, the patient's use, abuse, or mismanagement of medications, and other clinical issues. In addition, the participants in the proposed program will become familiar with psychoanalysis and our Center and gain a supportive and engaging professional community. Similarly, welcoming this new group of professionals with different experiences and expertise will enrich the Center’s culture. It will also promote referrals for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

If you would like more information about this task force, contact either Susmita Shah(415-305-1493, or Maury Marcus (510-599-2884,

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