Membership Division News

Membership Division News

by Meryl Botkin, Ph.D., Chair, Membership Services Division

It is hard to believe that summer has passed so quickly and we are all back preparing for another academic year. The Membership Division is looking forward to an exciting year with both our Annual Party and programs that address the needs and interests of our membership.

We start off with our Annual MIC party on September 21st, from 5-8pm. The Membership Integration Committee, which hosts this party, is made up of analysts, candidates, Community Members and PPTP and PAPTP members.  Craig William’s band will play again this year. We welcome them back after the memory of their wonderful music last year that had many of us dancing in any open space available. Our party gives all categories of members a chance to meet and chat in an unstructured way, that isn’t usually possible in many of our more structured programs. Join us for good food, good music and good conversation on September 21st.

In October we will initiate a Professional Wills Conference and Workshop, in conjunction with the Ethics Committee. The workshop starts with an open discussion of the difficulty many of us have in creating a professional will, which brings us face to face with an idea none of us wants to face. After our opening discussion, we will have the opportunity to break into small groups with templates provided by the Ethics Committee, to begin writing up our professional wills, a task often easier done with others –the social psychological concept of social facilitation of a task that is hard to do and easy to put. Save October 28th from 9:30-1pm. CME offered.

This year the Membership Division, in conjunction with the Outreach Division, will initiate a new series called “Member’s Present”. This program will cast a wide net to include papers from all categories of members who have experiences outside the typical psychotherapy or psychoanalytic format, such as those who have traveled and worked in other countries. We also want to showcase the talents, works and experience of members that have relevance to our history as a Center, and the works of those who papers span both the literary and psychoanalytic fields. We are in the process of setting up the first few programs. We welcome ideas for papers from all members.

Under the able leadership of Susmita Shah and Susan Moore the Community Membership Committee was approved by the BOTS, giving Community Members an organizational identity and their own voice,  joining the organizational chart in the Membership Division.

This year we will be working on a new category of membership for our Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Trainees. The Membership Committee is working on developing the benefits for our new graduates and will be working with the Management Team to create a new category of membership.

We welcome new members to our community, Peter Hobson MA, MB, BChir (MD equivalent), Ph.D., FRCPsych, CPsychol, M Inst. Psychoanalysis, a British analyst who is relocating from the UK to Sonoma; Robert Waska, Ph. D. an analyst practicing in San Rafael and San Francisco and Roger Karlsson, Ph.D., ABPP, a Swedish analyst who is board certified in Forensic Psychology and practices in San Jose.

I hope that people will contact me if there are any questions about membership. We are striving to make processes more transparent. Any feedback is valued.

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