The 2013 Haskell F. Norman Prize for Psychoanalytic Excellence awarded to Dr. Morris Eagle

The 2013 Haskell F. Norman Prize for Psychoanalytic Excellence awarded to Dr. Morris Eagle

The Haskell Norman Prize Committee awards analysts who have made major contributions to psychoanalytic theory, clinical achievement, psychoanalytic education or applied psychoanalysis.  The prize carries a $5000 monetary award and a specially designed Certificate of Merit. The recipient will speak at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis’ scientific meeting on October 14, 2013.

Dr. Eagle has a rare gift of clarity in his thinking and writing. Many have observed that he can define various psychoanalytic theories, seeing parallels where they exist as well as distinguishing what is original to the theory, and that in his writing, he has been a bridge across generations and paradigms and between the theory and the practice of psychoanalysis. Dr. Eagle has been chairman of the psychoanalytic division of the American Psychological Association. He is a Professor Emeritus at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University, and Distinguished Educator in Residence at California Lutheran University. He has written on cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, attachment theory, post-modern psychology, psychoanalysis as health care, and the interface between psychology and psychoanalysis.  He received the Sigourney Award in 2009.

The subject of Dr. Eagle’s presentation will be “A New Look at the Concept of Unconscious Processes”.   
Dr. Marshall Bush of the SFCP will introduce Dr. Eagle.

Past recipients of the Haskell F. Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis have been Joseph Weiss, M.D.;       Charles Brenner, M.D.; Calvin Settlage, M.D.; Haydee Faimberg, M.D.;  Bennett Simon, M.D. and Roberta Apfel, M.D.;  Leo Rangell, M.D.; Thomas Ogden, M.D. and Robert Stolorow, Ph.D.

Stanley Steinberg, Chairman
Haskell F. Norman Prize Committee

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