News from the SF Yearlong Program

News from the SF Yearlong Program

Patricia Marra, M.F.T. and Meryl Botkin, Ph.D.


This year’s San Francisco Yearlong program, “No Exit”: Working with Pathological Organizations, has fifteen engaged participants learning different ways of thinking about patients who take sanctuary from psychic pain in tenacious pathological defensive organizations. The courses take up technique from many perspectives, as well as eating disorders, psychic retreats usual and unusual, static emptiness, and an inability to mourn.

The line-up of this year’s talented instructors is made up of:

Helen Schoenhals Hart: The Concept of “Pathological Organization”
Beth Steinberg: Treating Pathological Organizations: Comparing Technical Approaches
Holly Gordon: Working with Transference in Pathological Organizations
Mary Brady: Illusions of Safety: Eating Disorders and their Treatment
Lee Rather: Under the Radar: Unusual Modes of Psychic Retreat
Israel Katz: Avatars of the Clinic of Emptiness
Margo Chapin: Pathological Organization and Protective Retreat: Unbearable Guilt and the Inability to ourn.
Catherine Mallouh: Entering and Emerging from Psychic Retreats

Case Conferences Leaders:

Patricia Marra
Meryl Botkin / Abbott Bronstein
Eric Glassgold
Kathy McVicar
Sue von Baeyer / Mary Ewert
Georgine Marrott

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