COCAP/IPA, Prague, Meeting, July 31st, 2013

COCAP/IPA, Prague, Meeting , July 31st 2013

by Mali Mann, M.D.


From North America, Kerry Novick and myself participated in the meeting on July 31/2013. The following is my report about the meeting:

The chair of COCAP, Dr. Florence Guignard opened the meeting by giving the audience an overview of what has been happening in C&A psychoanalytic training in various societies in the World.

  • A big change is that many societies are interested in integrating child and adult programs.
  • The IPA designated a working committee in order to bring about change in the adult training.
  • The traditional way of getting C&A psychoanalytic training required first completing adult training before becoming a member of the society and only then applying for child training. Now it is different: one can directly apply to become a child candidate without having to go through adult training.
  • Many societies are offering the latter option, including four centers in the United States which have the Regular (traditional) track and new optional track.
  • In addition, for the adult training, they have an optional track, meaning they can have two adults, one child and one adolescent in a combined program track to qualify for graduation. This will meet the IPA minimal standard for training.
  • The next step for the IPA is to form a task force consisted of group of advisors who offer their help to IPA for the purpose of strengthening the integration of Child and Adult psychoanalytic training program.

Dr. Guinard continued her discussion about PIEE child training situation.

The program that started in 2002 will finish next year. Another group who started in 1999 will complete their work in 2014.The first class of 13 trainees will have possibility for supervision in the future. However there will be no further training for PIEE candidates. There are discussions as to who will evaluate these 13 candidates’ work. Those candidates who are evaluated, will have their names sent to IPA website.

ACP, EPF and IPA financed PIEE up to the present time. It is unclear if this trend will continue in the future.

There were question and answers among audience. One of the interesting comments was related to Uruguayan Model of training, which permits three sessions/week for C&A psychoanalytic requirement. Also, in Argentina, three societies merged.

After attending the meeting I came away thinking that the issue of integration of adult and child program is of outmost importance for the survival of Child analytic training and the future of child analysis worldwide. Hopefully, this proposed IPA plan and model will allow Child and Adolescent psychoanalytic education to thrive. However, every Child and Adolescent psychoanalyst can help the Child and Adolescent analytic candidates and graduate analysts to interact more effectively and have joint Child and Adult discussion groups. The discussions and interchange will be far more productive if there would be an ongoing, dynamic and active dialogue with the greater Adult analytic communities.

The project won’t be an easy one, but we believe in our respective regional Child and Adolescent analytic community to generate hope by creating more outreach programs.

Together we have the opportunity to build a strong centerpiece for the analytic world.

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