Report from the Psychoanalytic Education Division Outreach Committee

Report from the Psychoanalytic Education Division Outreach Committee

by Margot Beattie, PhD, Shela Fisk, PhD & Gary Grossman, PhD


In addition to hosting the February 20th Open House for interested people in the community, the Outreach Committee of the Psychoanalytic Education Division (PED), in collaboration with the SF Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program’s (SF PPTP) Outreach Committee, decided to host smaller programs oriented towards specific groups.

San Francisco Outreach Events
On February 27th, Harriet Wolfe and Gil Kliman hosted a dinner event for past and present participants of SFCP’s San Francisco Year Long Extension Course, featuring a case presentation by Sam Chase. Seven people from the Year Long attended, along with SFCP candidates, Paige Friedlander and Kirsten Beuthin, with Meryl Botkin, Gary Grossman, Beth Steinberg, Patricia Marra and Harriet Wolfe representing the SFCP faculty.

Steve Goldberg & Sandee Blechman hosted a dinner for 2nd year, post-seminar and graduates of the SF Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program on March 17th. Faculty members Steve Goldberg, Gary Grossman and Beth Steinberg, along with candidates Bronwen Lemmon and Suzanne Klein, joined the eight PPTP guests in hearing and discussing a case presentation by Steve Purcell.

On Saturday morning March 1st, the Center hosted a breakfast event for trainees and alumni of Access Institute for Psychological Growth and California Pacific Medical Center’s Psychology Training Program and Psychiatry Residency. Wendy Stern presented a case to an attentive gathering of fifteen Access Institute and CPMC guests, along with SFCP candidates Susanne Klein and Genie Dvorak and faculty members John Jemerin, Gary Grossman and Beth Steinberg.

For each of these outreach events, the invited guests expressed enthusiasm about SFCP’s programs and interest in pursuing analytic training as part of their future professional development. The format of sharing a meal, socializing, hearing and discussing a psychoanalytic case presentation and addressing questions about training opportunities at SFCP proved to be  welcoming and satisfying experience for the people who attended. The PED and SF PPTP Outreach Committees would like to express a special thanks to our hosts and presenters, and to Susanne Klein for planning and coordinating the delicious meals for each of these events.

East Bay Outreach Event
A joint SFCP and Ann Martin Center (AMC) outreach event was held at AMC on February 7th. Organized by Margot Beattie and AMC Clinical Director, Laurie Lober, the program featured presentations on adult and child analytic training by Tina Lapides and Diana Fuery, along with representatives from AMC’s child psychotherapy training program. Approximately 60 people attended this highly successful event, representing many of the Bay Area’s graduate schools, including the Wright Institute, Alliant and CIIS.

Peninsula/South Bay Outreach Events
The Outreach events on the Peninsula were quite successful. The first event was a dinner hosted by Nancy Ginsburg. Sam Chase spoke about a difficult clinical case that several participants told me later really got them thinking about psychoanalysis. There were about eight people in attendance. Deborah Weisinger spoke about her experiences as a candidate and Lovina Chahal spoke about the PAPTPP program from a student’s perspective.

Shela Fisk followed up with all the participants and one of them has applied to the SF Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, two are planning to apply for candidacy in the future and a third has applied for the PAPTPP fellowship program. The following is a quote from one participant: “That night was a great experience! It definitely has really gotten me thinking about pursuing analytic training.”

The second Outreach effort was a brunch hosted by Shela Fisk. Lisa Buchberg was the speaker. Paige Friendlander spoke about her experiences as a candidate and Regina Campos was the student representative for the PAPTPP program. This was another small but enthusiastic group. Most were from the Peninsula but two people traveled from the East Bay and San Francisco, as they were unable to attend the events in their areas. At this time, I know of one person that is planning to attend PAPTPP, and another who is enrolled in the 2nd year of the Fellowship program. A third person was introduced to SFCP programs at last year’s Outreach dinner and then enrolled in the first year fellowship. She has continued her involvement and has applied to the second year program. The two participants from other areas have made contact with analysts and candidates in the areas where they live.

There are five potential psychoanalytic candidates from the South Bay this year. They have been influenced to apply to SFCP by supervisors, analysts, teachers and contacts with Outreach programs. Ultimately it seems to be a combination of continuing personal efforts that is maintaining a growing interest in SFCP. We want to thank our Peninsula hosts and presenters for helping to make these outreach events so inviting to the community and successful at introducing interested clinicians to training opportunities at SFCP.

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