Report from the Curriculum Committee

Report from the Curriculum Committee

by Laurie Case, PhD, Chair


The Curriculum Committee will finishing up the year with a final meeting in June. As always, much of the committee's attention has been directed toward the nuts and bolts of the classroom experience. This year we have continued to work to make the transition to the one-day curriculum as smooth as possible, though undeniably there have been a few bumps along the way.

We have also been putting in place some additional programs. Most ambitious of these is the program we have been referring to as the "Extended Curriculum." Our goal is to provide ongoing study groups and other offerings to post-seminar candidates as well as graduate members of the Center. This project is still very much in the planning stages. Currently serving on the Steering Committee committee is Celeste Schneider, Mike Levin, Peter Goldberg and myself. Our hope is to join with PINC to make this a cross-institute project for continued psychoanalytic learning. We plan to begin a pilot version of the program in the spring of 2015.

In addition, Michael Windholz has agreed to chair a task force on teaching Freud that will begin meeting this summer. The task force will take up the question of what aspects Freud's work should be emphasized in the curriculum as well as where in the curriculum Freud classes belong and how those classes can be most effectively taught.

We have also been paying close attention to the reception of two changes that we introduced into the curriculum this year. For the first time we have divided the Adult Case Conference into three, rather than two, segments. So far we are encouraged by the feedback we have received that the sequence is widely appreciated. We also changed the format of the Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar, formerly called Intersession. The seminar was shortened to two Fridays to make room for a spring break; we also began the first of a series of Interdisciplinary Studies Seminars that will be devoted to a reading of Freud's case histories. This year the candidates read the case of Dora, which was supplemented supplemented by lectures on theories of interpretation given by Amy Jamgochian, PhD, a graduate of UC Berkeley's department of Rhetoric.

This spring the committee has been busy finalizing classes and instructors for next year. In the coming academic year we are pleased to be offering an expanded course on Trauma, which will be taught jointly by Michael Wagner and Clara Kwun. Looking a bit further into the future, in 2015-16 our transition to the new one-day curriculum will be complete and we will be adding a class on Narcissism to the Fourth Year.

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