PED Graduation

PED Graduation

by Laurie Case, PhD, Chair, Curriculum Committee


On Saturday, May 17, our community gathered to celebrate the graduation of five analysts from SFCP's adult track. Those analysts were Leora Benioff, Jeanne Leary, Kyra Minninger, Sarah Lewis Stadler and Naomi Janowitz. The graduation speaker was Lee Grossman, who graciously agreed to step in for Barbara McSwain. (Happily, Barbara has agreed to speak next year). Dr. Grossman's presentation was full of humor, a send up of the plethora of ideological schisms that have characterized psychoanalysis from its beginning. But laughter aside, or perhaps along side, Dr. Grossman spoke of the way psychoanalysts may cling to theoretical conviction as a way of evading the anxieties inherent in our work—our fear of hurting our patients, our anxiety in the face of uncertainty, an uncertainty which he sees as inevitable and inevitably painful but ultimately crucial.

Dr. Grossman's talk was followed by the presentation of diplomas by Dr. William Glover, the head of the Psychoanalytic Education Division. Dr. Glover introduced each of the graduates by reading an excerpt of their preceptorship paper, an addition to the graduation that was widely appreciated.

The graduation ceremony was followed by the traditional champagne reception hosted by the Center's Training Analysts. Shortly thereafter many members migrated down Howard Street to Fang, a beautiful contemporary Chinese restaurant, where members continued the celebration in a specially arranged banquet room. The food won rave reviews, and a repeat performance is anticipated. But the evening was a success more profoundly because it was an opportunity for our members to join together to enjoy and celebrate the graduates as well as our community's deep commitment to the value of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic education.


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