Coalition for Clinical Social Work Launches New Seminar Series

Coalition for Clinical Social Work Launches New Seminar Series

by J. Marc Wallis, LCSW


In January of this year, the Coalition for Clinical Social Work (CCSW) launched an 18-week seminar series aimed at early and mid-career social workers interested in deepening their clinical work through psychoanalytic theory and applied psychoanalysis (i.e., on the front lines of social work). Developed by program co-chairs Audrey Dunn, LCSW, and Marc Wallis, LCSW, and advised by CCSW Steering Committee Chair, Elizabeth M. Simpson, LCSW, this curriculum aimed to provide exposure to psychoanalytic approaches relevant to practicing in a wide variety of clinical settings.

Students and faculty met at SFCP for lively discussions of applied psychoanalysis. Lectures and discussions incorporated psychoanalytic literature, clinical experience and the unique matrix of challenges and possibilities linked to the particular clinical situation in which one has a clinical encounter, whether in a jail, on the street or in a clinic. The twelve students who completed the course work in non-profit settings, as well as in private practice. Faculty included Audrey Dunn, LCSW, Clara Kwun, LCSW, Elizabeth M. Simpson, LCSW, Marc Wallis, LCSW, and Danny Yu, LCSW.

Thanks to the vision for a long-term Outreach plan at SFCP, and specifically the Management Team, Jeff Miller, Elizabeth Simpson and Beth Steinberg, this program was made available to early career social workers at a fee that is affordable. This has made all the difference in developing successful social work outreach through CCSW. Our first year cohort has expressed much enthusiasm to develop a further course of study for them to continue on for a second year.

We will offer the first year 18-week seminar series once again to a new cohort of students which will begin in the coming academic year. We look forward to continuing to invite social workers into the SFCP community and to develop this and other educational programs relevant to clinical social work.

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