Visiting Professor Program 2013

Visiting Professor 2013

ClaudioEizirik.pngAn early WELCOME to ALL SFCP members, community members, and trainees to our Fall programs

Claudio Eizirik, M.D., a Training and Supervising Analyst
from Puerto Alegre, Brazil will be the SFCP 2013 Visiting Professor.

Dr. Eizirik is a much sought after supervisor by Brazilian, Argentinian and South American psychoanalysts and is equally well known for his warm affable style as a teacher. He is especially interested in the work of Wilfred Bion. His clinical framework also integrates influences of Betty Joseph and the London Contemporary Kleinians, as well as the Barangers, Antonino Ferro and other field theorists. Dr. Eizirik further credits a deep love for reading fiction and poetry with helping him stay in touch with his countertransferential experiences. Look for more detailed
information about this November’s Visiting Professor programs in late August on the SFCP Visiting Professor webpages and in our September newsletter.




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