Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division

Beth Steinberg, PhD, Chair


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Programs

Elizabeth Biggart, PhD, Chair

Admissions: Sharon Levin, LCSW
Associate Chair: Neil Brast, MD
CEUs: Jeffrey Yost, MFT
Curriculum: Michael Smith, PhD
Faculty: Jana Kahn, PhD
Special Projects Catherine Phillips, LCSW
Cheryl Goodrich, PhD
Special Projects (Ex-Officio) Richard Almond, MD
Dena Sorbo, LCSW
Student Development: Ann Martini, LCSW
Supervision: Maureen Smith Ruffell, MD

Maria Longuemare, MD, PhD, Chair

Admissions: Michael Levin, PsyD
Associate Chair: Adam Goldyne, MD
Curriculum: Beth Steinberg, PhD
Dean and Mentorship: Katherine Fraser, DMH
Supervision: Kathy Waller, MD
Genie Dvorak, PsyD

Rebecca Schwartz, PhD and Debbie Vuong, PhD, Co-Chairs

Admissions Chair: Michael Pastor, PhD
Curriculum Chair: TBA
Dean: Michael Donner, PhD
Evaluation Co-Chairs: Kiyomi Ameriks, MD
Shahla Chehrazi, MD
Outreach Chair: Kiernan Warble, LCSW
Supervision Co-Chairs: Katya Woodmansee, PhD
Gregory Villalba, LCSW

Extension Education Programs

Kirsten Beuthin, LMFT, Chair

San Francisco:
Jane Reingold, MFT, Chair

Michal Ramon, MD, PsyD, Chair

Catherine Mallouh, MD, Chair

Edit Markoczy, PsyD

Henry Markman, MD and Julie Ruskin, PhD, Co-Chairs

John DiMartini, PhD
Laurie Goldsmith, PhD
Israel Katz, MD
Patricia Marra, MFT
Catherine McKenzie, PhD
Lisa Roth, PsyD

Lara Weyland, PhD and Jan Chess, PhD, Co-Chairs

Susan Yamaguchi, LCSW
Diana C. Fuery, PhD, LCSW
David Socholitzky, PhD

Catherine Mallouh, MD

Jacqueline De Lon, LMFT
Ben Goldstone, MFT
Maureen Kurpinsky, PhD
Era A. Loewenstein, PhD

San Francisco:
Joanna Wise Bradman, LCSW and Dorian Newton, PhD, Co-Chairs

Dena Sorbo, LCSW, Chair