Adult and Child Psychoanalytic Education Division

Gary Grossman, PhD, Chair

Charles P. Fisher, MD, Vice Chair
Clara Kwun, LCSW, Dean
Janice Mill, PhD, Secretary

Admissions Committee: Christina Halsey, PhD &
Elizabeth Mayer, MD
Progression and Graduation: Georgine Marrott, PhD
Advisor/Mentorship Committee: Michael Wagner, PhD, LMFT &
Deborah Weisinger, PhD
CORST: Christina Halsey, PhD
Supervising Analyst Appointment and Development Committee: Charles P. Fisher, MD
Training Analyst Appointment and Development Committee: William C. Glover, PhD
Committee on Child Analysis: Christina Lapides, LCSW &
Marsha Silverstein, PhD
Curriculum Committee: Laurie Case, PhD &
Sarah Stadler, MD
Faculty Committee Representative: Celeste Schneider, PhD
Visiting Professor Committee: Laurie Goldsmith, PhD &
Patricia Marra, MFT
Candidate Representative: Jennifer Gregory, PhD

Christina Halsey, PhD & Elizabeth Mayer, MD, Co-Chairs

Margo Chapin, MFT
Laura Dansky, PhD
Karen Johnson, MD
Israel Katz, MD
Ann Martini, LCSW
Louis Roussel, PhD
Maureen Smith Ruffell, MD
Helen Schoenhals Hart, Dr. med
Sue von Baeyer, PhD

Michael Wagner PhD, LMFT & Deborah Weisinger, PsyD, Co-Chairs

Laurie Goldsmith, PhD
Maureen A. Katz, MD
Susan Yamaguchi, LCSW

Christina Halsey, PhD, Chair

Susan Kolodny, DMH
Melissa Nelken, JD
Stephen Seligman, DMH

Christina Lapides, LCSW & Marsha Silverstein, PhD, Co-Chairs

Janis A. Baeuerlen, MD
Phyllis Cath, MD
Myrna Frankel, LCSW
Era A. Loewenstein, PhD
Nancy Peters, MSW

Janis A. Baeuerlen, MD
Stanley Leiken, MD (geographical)
Mali Mann, MD (geographical)
Jill Miller, PhD (geographical)
Mary Jane Otte, PhD
Phyllis Tyson, PhD (geographical)
Robert Tyson, MD (geographical)

Georgine Marrott, PhD, Chair

Margo Chapin, MFT
John DiMartini, PhD (Advisor)
Diana Fuery, PhD
Gary Grossman, PhD
Helen Schoenhals Hart, Dr. med
Israel Katz, MD
Maria Longuemare, MD, PhD
Catherine McKenzie, PhD
Henry Markman, MD (Advisor)
Clara Kwun, LCSW, Dean

Charles P. Fisher, MD, Chair

Janis Baeuerlen, MD
Sandra Bemesderfer, PhD
William C. Glover, PhD
Katherine MacVicar, MD
Mali Mann, MD

William C. Glover, PhD, Chair

Terrence Becker, MD, Education Facilitator (for TA & SA Study Groups)
Charles P. Fisher, MD*
Steven Goldberg, MD
Janet Roth, MD (ex-officio)

Laurie Case, PhD and Sarah Stadler, MD, Co-Chairs

First Year:  Michael Smith, PhD
Second Year:  Erin Mullin, PhD
Third Year:  Sarah Stadler, MD
Fourth Year  Walt Beckman, PhD
Electives and Writing Project:  Karim Dajani, PsyD, MFT
Case Conference:  Laurie Case, PhD
Child Analytic Program:  Christina Lapides, LCSW
Advanced Writing Workshop:  Alice Feller, MD

First Year:  Lara Weyland, PhD
Second Year:  Elizabeth Bradshaw, PsyD
Third Year:  Kristen Callahan, MFT
Fourth Year:  R. Robert Eskuchen, Jr., MD
Post-Seminar:  Amy Glick, MFT

Jennifer Gregory, PhD & Jacob Sacks, MD, Co-Chairs

Members of the Association
All Candidates

Genie Dvorak, PsyD, & Gregory Villabla, LCSW , Co-Chairs