Coalition for Clinical Social Work

The Coalition for Clinical Social Work is committed to psychodynamic thinking about the practice of social work across diverse settings. Our dedication to social justice is at the heart of our organization and informs all CCSW programs & education. We value the importance and power of community collaboration, clinical development and theoretically-informed practice. CCSW works to preserve the unique professional identity of social work and our capacity to practice meaningful clinical work with all client populations.

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Mentoring Program

CCSW is pleased to offer a mentoring program for early career social workers interested in advancing their clinical practice and professional development.  Mentees are paired with individual mentors and meet at least once a month during the course of the academic year.  The focus of mentoring varies, and can include case discussion, theoretical and contextual formulations, starting a private practice, agency practice (individual work & organizational dynamics), and career development. All participants in the program are social workers, and share an interest in integrating psychodynamic thinking into their work.

The program consists of monthly mentor-mentee meetings from September through June, as well as opportunities for program participants to meet as a group.  CCSW hosts 4 clinical evenings a year that participants in the mentoring program are encouraged to attend.

Applications are accepting in July of each year for the program that begins in September and runs through June. If you are within 5 years of having graduated from an MSW program, are interested in becoming part of the CCSW community and think you might benefit from mentoring, please check back next year to submit your application.  If you have any questions in the interim, feel free to contact the program Chair, Beth Kita, at [email protected].