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Committees of the Board

Finance Committee:
Michael Harrington, JD, Chair

Michael B. Donner, PhD
Dan Rosenbaum

Investment Advisory Committee:
Dan Rosenbaum, Chair

Nominating and Governance Committee:
Michael B. Donner, PhD

Jessica R. Areen, Doctoral Candidate, MA, JD
Steven H. Goldberg, MD

Ethics and Impairment Committee:
Milton Schaefer, PhD and Dena J. Sorbo, LCSW, BCD, Co-Chairs

Lisa Buchberg, DMH
Kristen Callahan, MFT
Jacqueline De Lon, MFT
Mary J. Ewert, DMH
Clara Kwun, LCSW
Robert Friend, MD
Susan Kolodny, DMH
Katherine MacVicar, MD
Edit Markoczy, PsyD
Terese Schulman, PhD, LCSW
Julie Stahl, MD
Michael Wagner, PhD, LMFT

Myrna Frankel, LCSW

Management Team:
Michael B. Donner, PhD, President
Meryl J. Botkin, PhD, Membership Services Division
Beth Steinberg, PhD, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Education Division
Catherine Mallouh, MD, Community Outreach and Service Division
Gary Grossman, PhD, Psychoanalytic Education Division
Paul Ransohoff, DMH, Applied and Academic Psychoanalysis Division
Celeste Schneider, PhD, Faculty Co-Chair
Marian Banks-Nickleberry, MA, Executive Director



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