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If you didn’t receive or misplaced your voting instructions email, please contact [email protected] for assistance. Polls close May 31.

Why Your IPA Vote is Essential:  It is critical for the future of psychoanalysis in North America that Board Representatives are elected who will work together collaboratively for the benefit of all IPA members. Issues are coming before the IPA Board that have major implications for APsaA.  Please vote in this IPA election so your views will be represented. Some of the important questions being considered by the IPA Board are;

▪ Should APsaA retain its IPA Regional Association designation and the ability to admit institutes without additional IPA review?

▪ Should the Eitingon Training Model be modified to permit analysis at a frequency of 3-5 sessions a week, as is the case with its other training models?

▪ Should IPA dues be assessed for APsaA senior life members, who are currently dues exempt?

Please visit the new APsaA Connects - IPA Community to follow discussion of this election. Log on to the member’s section of the APsaA website and follow the instructions on the menu at APsaA Connects. 

Candidates for IPA Board Representative from North America:

Martin Gauthier (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)

William Glover (APsaA)

Jane Hall (Contemporary Freudian Society)

Beth Kalish (Los Angeles Institute & Society for Psychoanalytic Studies)

Osamu Kitayama (Japan Psychoanalytic Society)

Peter Loewenberg (APsaA)

Gunther Perdigao (APsaA)

Adriana Prengler (Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute)

Phyllis Sloate (Contemporary Freudian Society)

Elise Snyder (APsaA)

Alan Sugarman (APsaA)

Drew Tillotson (Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California)

Representation in North America: The 7 North American seats are allocated as follows: 4 seats go to APsaA candidates, 1 to an Independent Society (CIPS) candidate, 1 to a candidate from outside the US, and, after those positions are filled, the 7th ‘open’ seat goes to the next highest vote getter. This is a plurality election, no rank ordering, seats in each of the above allocations go to the highest vote getters. You may vote for up to 7 candidates but are not required to.


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