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Child Development Program

Reflective Parenting Incubator Project (RPIP)
Parenting Groups and Workshops for Parents of Children Zero to Six-Year-Olds

Facilitators: Era A. Loewenstein, PhD and Greg Villalba, LCSW


The Reflective Parenting Incubator Project (RPIP), which won the American Psychoanalytic Foundation Grant last year, has a few openings for the 2016 – 2017 academic year. The study group, now in its eight-year, functions as an “Incubator” supporting the development, design, implementation and evaluation of psychoanalytically informed workshops and reflective groups for parents of children zero to six years old.

The parenting workshops and the groups are aimed at facilitating the growth of parents’ reflective function. This coming academic year we will focus on further developing our Transitions to Preschool and Kindergarten Workshops, which help parents and children negotiate the sometimes tumultuous transition into preschool or kindergarten. We will also continue to develop two four-weeks didactic and experientially based parent groups that facilitate the development of parents’ reflective function. One group focuses on how parents can transform everyday challenging situations and the BIG feelings, like tantrums and meltdowns, by understanding the importance of recognizing their own feelings and their child’s state of mind. The second group focuses on how to discipline children and set positive and containing limits when needed, while engaging the child’s strength, cooperation, and problem solving skills.

Participants will work on developing topics for parent talks in preschools, or in other venues that offer opportunities to lead workshops and groups. We are especially interested in recruiting Spanish-speaking members who can join us in a project we are developing in San Francisco. Members who practice or live in Marin County are also encouraged to apply.

The study group is offered to child psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, and to psychotherapists who work with parents of young children, or to clinicians who would like to learn more about working with parents, early childhood development, attachment and trans-generational transmission of trauma. We are looking for clinicians who are motivated and able to initiate new parenting groups at preschools, kindergartens, privately or in agencies.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month, from 7‍:3‍0-9‍:0‍0 pm at SFCP (eight meetings, Sept‍ember 1‍5, 2016 through M‍ay 1‍8, 2017, (no meeting in November). A commitment for a year is required.


Program Fee:
Community Members and SFCP Members: $400
Non-member mental health professionals: $450
Early childhood educators: $280
SFCP Candidates: $250
For more information:
Greg Villalba, LCSW
4‍15-79‍4-1‍578 or [email protected]

Or Era A. Loewenstein, PhD 41‍5-6‍95-96‍56 or [email protected]


The Reflective Parenting Incubator Project is supported by a generous grant from the American Psychoanalytic Foundation




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