Introducing our Interim Executive Director


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am very pleased to tell you that we have hired Beth Schecter, MPH, MBA to serve as our Interim Executive Director. Zach and I considered numerous well qualified candidates before deciding on Beth. Not only is she a highly skilled professional with a lot of experience, we believe that she will be a good fit and asset for our organization in this transition.

Beth has over 25 years of management experience and has served as an Interim or Executive Director to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. These include the East Bay Agency for Children, Hillel at Stanford, the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration, Jewish Family and Children’s Services and the Edgewood Center for Children & Families.



An Interview with Virginia Ungar, MD
Interviewer: Laurie Goldsmith, PhD, Co-Chair, Visiting Professor Committee, SFCP Faculty.

Virginia Ungar, MD, is an Argentine psychoanalyst who lives in Buenos Aires and has been in practice since 1977. Dr. Ungar will be the Visiting Professor at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis in November 2014.

I spoke to Virginia Ungar early in January by Skype. While it was another rainless winter work morning here in the Bay Area, it was a summer afternoon in Argentina. Virginia had good naturedly agreed to be interviewed during her summer vacation, after returning from New York for analytic meetings there. In contrast to my chilly day, she seemed to be enjoying her summer weather, relaxed and thoughtful in a sleeveless blouse, sitting at a desk in her study, surrounded by books. After we planned some details of her upcoming November visit to San Francisco, she agreed to tell me about her life as a psychoanalyst in Argentina. I asked her to describe her evolution as a psychoanalyst.


SFCP New Board of Trustees Members

Dr. Maurice Marcus' bio has been updated.

  • Jessica Areen, JD, MA
  • Diane Borden, PhD
  • German Cheung, PsyD
  • Paige Friedlander, MD
  • Michael Harrington, JD
  • Maria Longuemare, MD, PhD
  • Maurice Marcus, MD
  • Neil Talkoff, PhD

SFCP Business Meeting , June 17, 2014

by Robin Deutsch, PHD


Welcome to the annual membership meeting. Thank you for taking the time to drive down and hear more about the current state of the Center. I also wish to thank an anonymous donor for the generous donation of this evening’s dinner.

The academic year seems to come and go in quite a flurry. It seems such a short time ago that I was addressing this meeting as President-elect, about to be President and now I have completed my three-year term. On June 30, I will step down and Michael Donner will begin his Presidency. I have great confidence in Michael’s abilities and look forward to hearing more about his initiatives during his time in office.

President's Message

by Michael Donner, PhD


About a year ago, after the ballots were counted, I was talking to a friend of mine, describing our organizational hierarchy and the job of the President at SFCP. My friend-a leadership consultant to Bank and Ivy League University Presidents, and CEO of multibillion dollar corporations-said to me: "Every organization has to have a leader. Every leader has to have goals. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve during your presidency?”

I have been thinking about this question for the last year, struggling to define what I wanted to achieve as President. I thought about my friend’s office, filled with photos and biographies of Presidents, Generals, Captains of Industry and wondered what I could learn from their achievements. What were their goals?

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