President’s Message

by Michael Donner, PhD


As I'm writing this, SFCP has completed the first month of our academic year and the first month of the “ending phase” of our transition. Beth Schecter has stepped into the interim role and has been keeping us on track and helping us sort out what our “new beginning” will look like.

We have been very busy. SFCP welcomed our new Fellows of the American Psychoanalytic Association at a reception before our first Scientific Meeting. We celebrated the dedication of our Donor Wall at the Fall Party, and our Candidates, PPTP, PAPPTP and Year Long programs began their classes along with Dialogues, our Student Seminars and Clinical Forums. The SFCP and University College London Comparative Clinical Methods Working Party Project completed its second collaboration, the Management Team held a day long retreat, and the Board of Trustees welcomed eight new members to its first meeting.

Message from the Interim Executive Director

by Beth L. Schecter


Beth L. Schecter, MPH, MBAI have been genuinely touched by how welcoming so many of you have been during my first month at SFCP. Thank you for your generosity. SFCP is clearly an organization with many strengths, including comprehensive and excellent programs and an energetic and accomplished faculty and
committed student body. SFCP is also an organization in the midst of change brought on recently by the departure of your COO, Jeff Miller. I was brought in to assist the organization through the change by ensuring the operations are running smoothly and that opportunities are not lost at this
critical time. A primary goal of the Interim Executive Director is to shed some light on the organization so the board can make critical decisions about whom to next hire. In the process, I am able to address systems that need attention and provide some illumination on how we can do things
differently or more effectively. It is in this spirit that I ask you to feel free to contact me if there is anything you want me to know.

I value your thoughts, so please email me or call me at or 415.609.3548. All conversations and communications will remain confidential.

When there is a shift in executive leadership, organizations experience many new and often unexpected challenges. Transition research has shown that awareness and understanding of the transition process can benefit all staff and volunteers in maintaining a positive outlook about these changes. Organizations that have done this preparation often have high levels of optimism about the future of the agency.

Message from the Board Chair

by Zach Cowan


In this issue of the newsletter you'll see articles from our President Michael Donner and our Interim Executive Director, Beth Schecter, about their approaches to taking care of SFCP after Jeff Miller's departure, and to replacing him. I thought it would be good to provide my perspective as Chair of the Board of Trustees as well. I'll start by saying that while changes can be good or bad, I generally focus on the potential for positive change, and bend my efforts in that direction.

Membership Division News

by Meryl Botkin, PhD, Chair, Membership Services Division


The year got off to a wonderful start with the Membership Integration Committee/Capital Campaign Committee party that included the dedication of our Donor Wall. There was music with Craig Williams' amazing band, along with wine and hors d’ oeuvres. Michael Donner, the president of SFCP, welcomed everyone and used the metaphor of barnstorming to talk about the collective effort involved in creating a vibrant community and the building at SFCP. Harriet Wolfe, one of the chairs of the Capital Campaign, and the current president/elect of APsaA, gave an overview of the process of finding, buying and creating our new home at 444 Natoma St. She spoke of the contributions of Jeff Miller, our former COO, and the effort he extended in creating our space on Natoma. Andra Lichtenstein was noted as a guiding force in putting together the team for overseeing the creation of our building. Harriet introduced her co-chair on the Capital Campaign Committee, Sandee Blechman, who is the Executive Director of the Children’s Council in San Francisco. Sandee spoke of the process involved in developing a culture of ongoing giving to our organization. Many people contribute countless hours in teaching and on committees. Sandee also highlighted the ongoing need to contribute financially to the ongoing health of SFCP. Emily Brewer, MD and Lynda Connelly spent hours creating the beautiful roof deck garden, which many members enjoyed.

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