Haskell Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis

What is a Mind? A Neuropsychoanalytic Approach

Monday, October 12th | 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Mark Solms, PhD

What is a Mind? This problem cannot be answered by a purely scientific understanding of the brain, nor by a purely philosophical or psychological approach.

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Freud's Bar - Escape from Reality

Listen and talk with a psychoanalyst about different escapes from reality, while enjoying drinks, snacks, and browsing Diesel, A Bookstore.

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President’s Message

by Michael Donner, PhD

It was my pleasure to attend the Membership Integration Party on Sunday, September 20th, an event made possible by the hard work of Meryl Botkin, Chair of the Membership Division, all the members of the Membership Integration Committee and the SFCP staff. What follows is part of my remarks at that meeting.

SFCP is a large and vibrant community, with over 600 analyst and community members and thousands of visitors and participants in our courses and programs. We are now made stronger and more vibrant with the inclusion of the Sacramento Psychoanalytic Society - a group formed to support and enhance psychoanalytic ideas in the Sacramento region. The board has just established a new membership category for our Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy graduates and students and we are looking forward to their formal engagement with this new part of our organization.

Growth is wonderful, but with growth also comes change and loss. This month marks the departure of Beth Schecter, who served as our Interim Executive Director, and a transition to our new Executive Director, Marian Banks-Nickleberry. Beth has done a wonderful job as interim ED, and we are a much improved organization as a result of her efforts. Not only has she helped us continue our work throughout the year, she has guided us through some significant challenges financially and organizationally. I have learned quite a bit from her about the complexities of running an organization like SFCP, and have benefited from her many years of experience.

Message from the Executive Director

by Marian Banks-Nickleberry, MS, LMSW



Do you like to Spend other people’s money?

Does the thought of Galas, 5-K Runs , Bake Sales and Golf Tournaments make you smile?

Than serving on the SFCP Development/Fundraising committee may be just the thing for YOU.

We are currently seeking people interested in volunteering for the Development/Fundraising Committee. One of our goals is to shore up our organizations financial capacity to support our ongoing programs and services.

Therefore we want to develop a proactive process of fundraising and friend raising to achieve our financial goals. If you are interested in serving on this newly formed SFCP committee, please contact me via Lynda Connelly at 415-563-3366 or email her at lynda.connelly@sf-cp.org. You will be added to our list and contacted once we establish the date for our first meeting.

New Ombudsman for SFCP - Myrna Frankel, LCSW

Myrna Frankel, LCSWMyrna Frankel is a graduate of the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute in child and adult psychoanalysis. She also holds degrees in social work, education, psychology and speech path ology. With a long abiding interest in early childhood development, she taught pre-school and sat on the Mayor’s Committee on Childcare. A faculty member of SFCP, she is the recently retired co-chair of the Child Colloquium Series.


Sacramento joins San Francisco

by Susan Boulware, PhD

Mission Statement:

The Sacramento Psychoanalytic Society is a group dedicated to the study and advancement of Psychoanalytic thought in the Sacramento area.

Some of you may have noticed the announcements for the Sacramento Psychoanalytic Society (SPS) with the SFCP logo and affiliation. This affiliation has been worked on for several years through the initiative of Susan Boulware and the SPS and developed with Catherine Mallouh, chair of the Outreach Division. The affiliation was approved by Michael Donner and the Management Team, and brought to the Board recently. We are now able to move forward with expanding both our missions, promoting our programs, through a productive collaboration.

Catherine Mallouh, MD, Chair, SFCP Outreach Division

The Sacramento area has long had a connection to SFCP; there are several analyst members as well as community members and SFCP has provided support by administering CEU for out coursed and study groups. A couple of years ago, Susan Boulware, PhD and John Thor Cornelius, MD, formed the Sacrament Psychoanalytic Society with the goal of advancing the study and practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the Sacramento area. Recently the connection to SFCP has been formalized and SPS is now an affiliate of SFCP in the Outreach Division. We are very happy about this alliance and feel it will benefit the community in Sacramento through the support and credibility of an existing and strong organization, as well as benefit SFCP by increasing the number of clinicians who recognize the value of psychoanalytic thinking in clinical work and who will participate in SFCP programming, especially the PPTP.

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